Featured Artist: Kimberly Goldstein!

Madrid by Kimberly Goldstein 12×12″ Mixed Media

Kimberly Goldstein. I love her work. It’s happy and fresh. It’s got oomph! Most paintings are mixed media which tends to perk up an abstract and give it added dimensions. I think “Madrid” is a sharp painting – modern, in a modern (square) format. Fabulous!

For those of you who are saying “What is that supposed to be?” – Art doesn’t always have to “be something”. Sometimes art is expressed more as a feeling than a subject. If you look at a painting and like it, if it inspires you or makes you smile then that’s exactly what it is. To me, this painting is a smile.

See more of Kimberly’s work via these links:

Etsy Shop  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Kimberly, from her Etsy shop website:

There is joy in the journey!

I am a middle age, self taught artist living near Baltimore, MD. I paint intuitively. I never start a painting with a plan. I simply go into my studio and turn on some music and just let myself go. I love putting lots of energy into my paintings and my paint spattered studio can attest to that.

I find it a very rewarding experience to watch a painting unfold before my eyes. I use various media to achieve each final piece. I work with acrylic paints, oil sticks, soft pastels, charcoal, graphite, markers, ink, paper and sometimes fabric.

I am inspired by such artists as Cy Twombly (who, by the way, was born in the same small town of Lexington, VA as I), Matisse, Franz Klein and contemporary artists such as Charlotte Foust, Amadea Bailey and Tory Cowles (to name a few).

I believe that we all have an artist inside of us. Our own life experiences, personalities, longings, joys and sorrows can be expressed through what we create with our hands.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via Etsy.com/shop/Studio392, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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