A Sky Like You’ve Never Seen.

A Sky Like You’ve Never Seen

This truly is a sky like you’ve never seen… Just look at the blue in the sky and the light coming through the branches of the tree in what looks like a storm of some sort… 

In reality, I snapped a photo of the pool with reflections of the trees. You can see ripples in the water on the bottom left side. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Shadows and reflections always make for a cool photo!

What do YOU think makes a great photo?


Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “A Sky Like You’ve Never Seen.

    1. Hey Susan! It’s not dark but in this photo it looks that way. Originally we wanted a black pool, so elegant but we were cautioned that snakes 🐍 also like them 😲 and we wouldn’t be able to see them in the pool. 😳😳😳


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