Blooming Hydrangeas!

I think all the blooming, scented plants in Charleston, SC are making a super comeback after the not-typical-for-us winter of ice and snow. It was a crazy (but fun) week, but many plants really took a beating. We were fortunate to only lose one gardenia!

Last year we planted a lot of liriope (aka Monkey Grass), hydrangeas, and some shrubs whose name escapes me as I write this… Everything is doing great, but the hydrangeas, especially this time of year, really make the backyard a stunning place to be. I like how they’re color is determined by your soil. For instance if your soil is acidic your blooms can be blueish to lavender blue – if you have alkaline soil – you will see pinks and reds and if your pH is lower you will see purple or bluish pink. The first hydrangea that we bought was white. We planted it and it turned blue! I usually (at least in the Spring) add coffee grounds to each plant (that Charlie can’t get in to), which adds extra acidity. Every time I do it they do the happy dance, so why not?

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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