From FB: #findsamsayers – (Poster from #findsamsayers fb page)…

Samantha Sayers, I don’t know her personally, I went to school with her mom many (many!) years ago – I saw on Facebook that she has been missing since August 1st after going for a day hike at Vesper Creek (near Seattle, WA). Sam is an avid hiker, she knows her way around, her and boyfriend/fiancé Kevin hike often. August 1st Sam went for a hike and said she would be in touch by 6PM, Kevin didn’t hear from her. He drove to Vesper Peak and just knew that he would pass her on the way there – she wasn’t responding to her phone. Then he got to the trail and just knew they would run into each other. They didn’t. He hiked in for a few miles, dropped his flashlight and in the pitch dark of the mountains decided that he needed help finding her. Something wasn’t right… she should have been home. He used the flashlight on his phone to get to where he could call for help. He was back up on the mountain an hour or so later and shortly thereafter there were people searching.

This happened on August 1, 2018. They are 17/18 days into this search – there are many people searching. Teams of Search and Rescue (SAR) people, dogs and drones. Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Snohomish County Volunteer Rescue team and many more (they have been amazing!). There are days when SAR has to stop because they have jobs they have to go to (volunteers). They should be searching for her again today…


  • SHARE THIS STORY; they need to keep it relevant so that the search continues. Share it however you can. FB, Twitter, Instagram and anything else. There are posters that have been printed and taped all over that area. If you have someone you can contact that could help spread the word, please do so.
  • Keep up to date using their FB page: #findsamsayers 
  • If you are an experienced hiker in rugged terrain (they don’t want to have anyone missing or injured) – or if you have a K9 unit that specializes in this type of search – or if you are an expert in searching for people in abandoned (copper) mines – or have a drone and know how to operate it in these conditions – please go to this FB page: #findsamsayers volunteers. This page is strictly for those who are searching (and not those of us who are just wishing we could) – this site is informational only and not for well wishes of any kind. They need a place where the facts of the search can be shared so they know where to concentrate their efforts. Well wishes can be shared at the FB group #findsamsayers. They ask that you keep your responses positive. #loveandlight
  • Every agency has been called in that you can think of. If you can afford to donate to the gofundme campaign that has been set up; BLESS YOU! No amount too small or too large.

Right now, prayers (and any good vibes) you can send to Samantha and her family & friends will aid in finding her. #nodoomorgloom only #loveandlight – They need to #findsamsayers.

To those of you who share this postthank you, thank you, thank you! You are helping to keep this relevant so that those who are looking for her continue the search. She is out there, they just have to find her… 🙏⛰🕯🐾⛑🌄💕💛

2 thoughts on “#findsamsayers

  1. melissa Davis

    Thank you so much for sharing Sam’s story! #findsamsayers Today!! I just wanted to mention/add that they are actively looking for experienced drone owner/operators to help search asap. Again, thank you and please, please, please let’s find Sam! xoxo #findsamsayers public facebook group

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