Featured Artist: Jared Brady!

Day’s Last Light by Jared Brady 11×14″ Oil

Jared Brady. I cannot imagine being so talented at such a young age. Jared’s work goes above and beyond. It’s interesting and captures your attention immediately.

Day’s Last Light is a good example – there is so much going on in this painting. Especially if you make the image larger you can see all the colors. The light on the tree in the foreground as well as the trees in the distance is so nice. I love the snow covered log, where you see under the log – it’s little details that make this stand out to me. I also think it’s so interesting how parts of it are a bit abstracty (my very own word) – so wonderful. Don’t miss Jared’s process video on his home page!

This painting of the woods is wonderful, and it makes me think about a missing hiker, Samantha Sayers. She went for a hike at Vesper Peak (WA) on August 1st and hasn’t been seen since. If you know experienced technical climbers, survivalists, certified K9 units that can do “training” on the mountain – please let someone know on their FB group… if you would like to follow her story at #findsamsayers group on FB. There is drone footage being posted and an army of us in that group to help sift through the footage for any sign of Sam.

For those of you who ARE experienced SAR people, please join the group for volunteers (who can actually be there)…

See more of Jared’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram 

Read a bit about Jared, from his website:

Jared Brady is a realist painter based in Woodland Park, Colorado. His love for the arts began with drawing and design in his younger years and transitioned into painting when he met a local oil painter and teacher, Ken Shanika. Working in his favorite medium, oil, Jared captures the beauty of the landscape and figures of the Rocky Mountains. Recently, he has begun to step out of his studio and paint en plein air.

Read more about Jared, here… Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via JaredBrady.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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