Halloween: The movie… filmed in Charleston

Halloween – The Movie

🎃It’s almost Halloween – are you ready?

Costume selected? None ✅  Candy purchased? ✅

Speaking of… you know the movie Halloween that was filmed in Charleston, SC this year ? It was quite an experience. What an interesting group of people.  Time is of the essence when filming a movie – and everyone works together so well, almost as if each of their roles were scripted. They move people out of their homes, take photos of where everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is placed. Move the set furniture in, paint walls/wallpaper, change flooring, windows, build walls where there are none and on and on. Then they film the movie. When done it’s almost like a mass exodus. Everyone is gone *poof*. Another group comes in and cleans everything up, fixes anything broken, repairs lawn, etc. The people are moved back into their homes and items are placed exactly how they left them.

Pretty cool, eh? So THIS is what it looks like when they are filming a movie in your area. Fascinating!

Jamie Lee Curtis is as nice as she can be. Many stories of her doing such nice things for people in Charleston, which I really admire. She’s funny, gracious and beautiful. I love her confidence, she has a can-do-anything attitude, and clearly she can do anything – she nailed this movie – since it was one of the highest grossing openings.

Bravo! 👏

This night scene is pretty cool, isn’t it? It’s so beautiful with their huge lights and the white tents. During the day the street was full of trucks, workers of all kinds, actors, set design, photographers, you name it! Fascinating!

Have you seen Halloween? 😳🎃🔪🤦‍♀️ Awww, go see it! The blood is really corn syrup 😉 I did learn that much. Takes some of the creepiness away? Maybe? Ok… Maybe not, ha ha.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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