More Halloween Preparations in the neighborhood – actually this was last year. I thought it looked especially good in black and white, especially with the Spanish moss hanging in the trees adding to that spooky vibe… which we know is what Halloween is all about!

I grew up in Michigan. It seems like most times it rained on Halloween. My Dad would walk with my sister and I and we would go door to door. We would come home with a pillowcase (that’s how you did it way back then) full of treats. We had good costumes picked out but it seems like many years our costume would get changed at the last minute. My Mom would put foul weather gear on us and we would be sailors… 🙄 (Good idea Mom, and you did what you could in a short amount of time – like as we were walking out the door) – we would walk up to a house and say TRICK OR TREAT and I remember people saying “What are you supposed to be?” 🙄🙄🙄🙄  Ha. A SAILOR, OK?! I am a witch or something under all these clothes, but… between the long underwear, the original Halloween costume, the foul weather gear, it’s amazing we could walk at all, ha ha.

Good times! Funny how you remember the details!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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