Merry Christmas To Me!

Christmas 2005

This is a memory… a good Christmas memory. Fred and I went for a drive on Christmas back in 2005. He told me to close my eyes until he reached his destination… there was going to be a surprise.


So, I did as he said. When I felt the car stop and the ignition cut off, I had no idea where we were. Fred opened the door and I took his hands. He placed me where he wanted me, then told me to open my eyes.

My response after seeing the window above:

“ME, Barbara – YOU, Fred?” Meaning is this painting for me? Or is it in the window and the gallery just happened to use our names on the tag?  “Yes! YOU, Barbara, ME, Fred.”

The tag reads: Merry Christmas Barbara, Love, Fred (in case it’s hard to read with this image).

Wow, what a cool surprise! This painting is called Calypso and it’s by artist Eva Carter, an amazing woman who is so talented! Check out her website when you get a chance!


Photos this week – Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

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