The Greenville Residence House Plan by Lake and Land Studio!

Greenville Residence by Lake and Land Studio

This is the Greenville Residence house plan by Lake and Land Studio. This plan is an efficiently designed, compact 1,414 square feet home with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has so much charm, I absolutely love it!

Check out the wonderful porches! A beautiful front porch as well as a large screen porch off the back of the great room! How wonderful to be able to open your doors and let the fresh air inside!

Greenville Residence House Plan by Lake and Land Studio

What a great layout! An open concept plan with the living/kitchen area together. Plenty of closet space! Two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The garage doesn’t look like a garage when you look at the front of the house, I like that… a lot! More storage in the garage, and who doesn’t need that?!

Click HERE for more images of exterior and interior!

Lake and Land Studio

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Lake & Land Studio, LLC believes in designing spaces that resonate, calm, and inspire.  We believe residences, retreats, boathouses, and barns should be designed in harmony with its surroundings, drawing inspiration from local vernacular architectural forms.  Located in South Mississippi we primarily focus on designing Lake Houses, Boathouses, and Retreats.  We are currently expanding our scope of work to include rural estates, hunting camps, and equestrian farms. We are a small business which allows us to take great pride in the projects we design. We are detail oriented, and we tailor our designs to each individuals needs and wants, never letting our own intentions trump that of our clients. Our primary goal is to create homes and places where clients can feel their input in every space they’re in. We pride ourselves in creating unique, one of a kind designs, for every client we work with.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via used with permission…
Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

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