Purple House in Shadow – Charleston, SC

Purple House | Charleston, SC

I always love taking photos of this house with the interesting shadows from the palm trees reflected. So pretty!

Ugh, up late this AM – and didn’t have a post prepared for you… this week will be a week of photos while Charlie recuperates. We had to take him to the emergency vet yesterday, he wasn’t feeling good (will spare you the details) – left with some medications for him and he’s being fed chicken and rice. So here’s hoping… so far this morning he doesn’t act like he’s feeling good, so I may have to take him to his regular vet. Hoping he can stay home and feel better, and soon!

It’s miserable watching your pet be unwell. They can’t tell you how they’re feeling but you can get some big hints if not eating (Charlie is eating, thank goodness), not drinking… ugh, (we snuck water into his food) – and I can tell by his eyes that he just doesn’t feel good.

Hope your day is going well – I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!





4 thoughts on “Purple House in Shadow – Charleston, SC

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment – bless your heart for thinking of us – we appreciate your well wishes so much! Here’s to running into each other one day, it’s a small, small world! 🙏


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