Birthday Blessings…

Dad | IKEA | Detroit, MI

Birthday blessing go out to my Dad today! Woohoo Dad! Wish I was there to make you the cake that you made for Fred this past year!

Take a look at this man – he is someone who goes above and beyond every single day. He keeps himself so busy helping anyone who needs help with anything. He is the kindest, most giving soul.

Dad, I wish you the happiest of birthdays – today and all year long! Thank you for being the best Dad in the world! I love you so much!


I can’t remember if I took this photo or my sister? We spent the day at Ikea several months ago, what fun we had! We went on a weekday and it was quiet, nothing like the time I went on a weekend! So many treasures, and such great prices! This was taken in the cafeteria (love it!) – their coffee is OUTSTANDING! Wish I could order it online! Good times!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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