Now THIS is Fall! #cakerecipe

Apple Cinnamon Cake – Recipe from Cooking Light – Cooling on my counter 🙂

Well, Fall is upon is and I couldn’t be happier! The crispness in the air is appreciated with every breath. I can remember being thrilled it was Fall even when I was a little kid growing up in Michigan.

Memories of Fall – they are abundant. I LOVE the changing leaves, I NEED a change of seasons, it makes my soul happy – sounds deep doesn’t it?

This scent of this cake reminds me of the perfect Fall day, complete with colorful leaves falling at a rapid pace, a cool breeze and the day becoming shorter – what’s not to love? This Cinnamon Apple Cake recipe from Cooking Light is a winner on every level.

Fall memories. I have so many wonderful memories of Fall – playing outside all day (pretty much every day unless it was raining hard), carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, an occasional caramel apple with nuts (oh my goodness), cinnamon… anything baked with cinnamon instantly smells like Fall to me. This cake is no exception. While no cake is really “healthy” this one is better than most. I wrote about it years ago and provided a link to the Cooking Light version as well as showed my version – the few changes I made.

If you have 2 large Honey Crisp apples, cream cheese, butter, flour and sugar you’re pretty set to make this! Give it a whirl some time!

✍️ Until tomorrow…


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