He’s Still Got It! Woot, Woot!

Fred in his happy place – Monhegan, ME

After all these years , he’s still got it. Charm, wit, style and class (even after so many trips around the sun, hehe)!

This smile gets me every single time. Fred, as sweet as he is kind. We are a pair – he’s stuck with me for life 😉 #winkwink

Today is his birthday, he’s finally catching up to me! Hoping he can reimagine a vacation to Monhegan, even if it’s just via memories – that’ll have to do for now…

❤️HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRED🥳, You’re the best! Wishing you nothing but happiness😍, smiles🙃, laughter😆, good health🙏, and cake🎂 (well, for your birthday, ha ha) – Love you so much!😘🥰 #herestoalifetimeofhappiness


me 🤓

✍️ Until tomorrow…


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