Featured Artist: Ashley Sellner!

Hydrangeas by Ashley Sellner 14×11 Oil

I love when people write about their experiences during the pandemic when stay at home orders were in place. I appreciate when someone can take that experience and create something positive – especially when there is so much up in the air and at stake. Today’s featured artist did just that – check it out!

Ashley Sellner is an artist from Charlotte, NC. Her work is mainly landscapes, abstracts and during the stay at home period of this pandemic she created some wonderful paintings that reflect a sacred space within our homes – and she mentioned something I noticed a month or two into this time… that no matter how awful things are, we are being given the gift of time. Time to spend either in thought, meditation, reading, self expression (art, dance, etc.) or time spent with others in our household – time that we don’t normally have because we’re running from one place to another. I realize that some are so negatively impacted (loss of job, pay, etc.) that it’s a little more difficult to look at this as a blessing. I truly hope we will be on the road to normalcy in the not too distant future. So much is at stake. #prayersforthiscountry #andfortheworld

Hydrangeas is such a peaceful, sweet painting. A place where you would like to be in the midst of all that’s going on. The colors are calming yet the red is strong – like we need to be during all of this. Here are Ashley’s words on this series of paintings…

❝My practice has centered on the exploration of sacred space, a study of the natural world and my communion with it. But as our world has grown smaller during the months of 2020, I have become focused on my immediate space and the rooms I inhabit.  Can we create sacred space within our homes and furthermore, what brings life into this space?

My approach to these intimate portraits has been quite different from the larger landscapes I am accustomed to painting.  The outside world is dynamic, there is movement, and my marks reflect this freedom and energy.  In contrast, these small paintings have been a study of detail and the intentionality and efficiency of each brushstroke; the way a shadow darkens a baseboard, the slope of a chaise and its perfectly appointed pillow, the glow of lacquered walls in an empty dining room.  There is a profound stillness to these highly edited spaces; for life is not imbued by the one who designed and created the space, but those who embody it. 

Each painting feels like a meditation, a reminder of a season marked by quietness, solitude, and rest. This is not a season I would have chosen, but there are inherent gifts from shelter-in-place that I will carry with me. Without question, I will miss the stillness.❞

See more of Ashley’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram


❝Ashley Sellner is an artist and photographer who has worked in the visual arts for twenty years.  Originally from the mountains of southwest Virginia, Ashley received her Bachelor of Arts in art history from Wake Forest University. Here she had the opportunity to spend time in both the studio and the dark room.

Her fine arts practice focuses on both painting and collage. She explores the sacred spaces of her childhood through both abstract and landscape painting.

Ashley lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children. She escapes to the mountains north of Asheville as often as her family’s schedule allows.❞

✍️ Until next time…


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