Tis the Season…

Tis the Season…

Tis the season for oh so much. What are some of your traditions? I have noticed an uptick in real Christmas tree purchases. Not only Christmas trees, but holiday decorations of all types and all types of celebrations are shown throughout the neighborhoods. I love the diversity, the culture, our differences as well as our similarities. May 2021 be our best year yet!

This dog, he cracks me up. He’s like a Timex. He knows exactly what time to start asking for another meal. He loves to eat, so we’ve divided his meals into three, because he thinks he should eat when we eat, ha ha. It was a few minutes before “time” to eat and there he is, sweetly by my side, staring at me – I mean look at the eye action, ha ha… he’s so serious. The day goes like this. Eat, nap, walk… eat, beg for chewy treat (Veggiedent) that I hide and he has to find, then nap. Then dinner, act crazy, go for another walk and then fall into a deep sleep. The last walk signals him that it’s wind down time. It’s hilarious.

So, what are your plans for this holiday season? With COVID-19 numbers skyrocketing all around us from state to state I can tell you that we’ll be home. The thought of passing COVID to someone who may get very sick, miss out of work (not to mention deal with the financial aspect of it all), be alone in a hospital or worse, not to mention the ongoing threat to our healthcare workers is unfathomable – We’ve been home for the most part since March, so what’s a few more months – as I write this we just heard that only a small portion of the vaccine was purchased from Pfizer, the administration declined more vaccines doses, so they have now been sold to other countries. Lovely.

We are pretty much at the end of the list for getting a vaccine – but we can deal with it. #whatsanothersixmonths #boohoooooo I just want to see my family and right now it’s not feeling like that’s ever going to happen again. Enough of the #pityparty – there is always tomorrow, and other drug manufacturers and come January, a new administration, who I think will take this seriously. #thisisnotapoliticalpost #justanobservation

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


2 thoughts on “Tis the Season…

  1. Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to buy a box of lights..all out..as in ZERO..nothing there but wrapping paper and gift bags. We are also at the end of whatever vaccine list will be created, and that’s fine..I’m glad there is a list and that hospitals and businesses are in charge. When H1N1 came to town years ago, the vaccines were given out by the health dept and it was complete chaos..no list, no prioritization, just whoever gets here first..thousands in lines around buildings..it was an awful, awful experience. We’ll get through this..eventually.

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    1. I have heard about the lack of Christmas lights from others, I just did a quick check and LOWES has some (it will tell you if a store near you has them or if you have to order them), same with Amazon. I think so many of us needed the cheer that these Christmas lights bring. Christmas trees sold out everywhere like I have NEVER seen before. It’s good that they aren’t going to waste, most of the tree lots were closed last week and gone! I hope you find some lights soon… PS, your blog is wonderful!


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