Oh, Christmas Tree…

Treasured ornaments upon the tree…

How are your holidays shaping up? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza (read more about these holidays celebrated around the world!) this is a festive time of year. We pull out ornaments that hold memories, lights that make everything festive and bright, music to sing along to, baked goods, comforting foods and more.

Treasured ornaments upon the tree. Lots of memories for YOU and for ME. Decorated each year with loving care. In hopes a joyous celebration soon would be there. Leaving joy and happiness under our tree. Blessings all year for you and for me.

– barbara stroud (she’s not a poet and she knows it 😉

See, there IS a reason I’m not a poet. But that was written quickly, so it’s not too bad (I do realize it’s not too good either, ha ha). What are some of your traditions. Your special foods, or ornaments. Favorite gifts to give? I love to give what I love so that’s what I often do. I also like to give disposable gifts and not something that needs to be stored for decades because at some point we all have enough “stuff”.

This is the year of COVID-19. So you’re either “feeling” the holidays or not. It’s a weird year, numbers are spiking, the number of cases is ridiculous, but I remain thankful for each day. I’m happy to hunker down and do my part however long it takes. #soon #please #thereislightattheendofthetunnel

Quick note: things aren’t always what they seem. I think this tree looks to be a normal size tree based on the angle the photo was taken, in reality it’s a tabletop “ELF” tree, about 3′. I love it. It warms up the room and emits the most wonderful memories ever! Hanging on to the good memories while so much around us is gloomy with high COVID rates, overwhelmed healthcare workers and those I love who have tested positive. Like many of you, I am concerned. Praying for an end to this disaster soon.

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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