Featured Artist: Michaela Moffett!

Balcony Botanicals by Michaela Moffett 8×5.5 Gouache

Michaela Moffett. She has wonderful work on her website, you must check her out. She seems like such a delightful person. It’s evident that Michaela paints often and loves what she does! In addition to original art for sale she also does commissions and teaches private lessons.

I loved Balcony Botanicals as soon as I saw it. The feel of being outside, yet inside. The happy plants on a table basking in the sun. Fabulous light, interesting architecture not far in the distance. Very nice work and a VERY nice website, be sure to check it out!


Website  |  Originals  | Private Lessons


I was always a quiet child, but inside my mind, ideas, thoughts, and curiosities were always buzzing around. I felt more comfortable communicating and processing all my childhood and adolescent thoughts through creation of some kind. My mom observing me glued to my crayons, intuitively signed me up for art class at age 7, which I ended up attending for another 10 years. 

Graduating the Art House, I moved straight into studying drawing and painting at California State University, Fullerton. While at CSUF, I had the opportunity to study one year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy for 1 year, where I took more courses developing my painting and drawing skills. While in college, I was drawn to discussing particular global issues that have been shaped by my experiences abroad and my own family history.

Since college, I have continued to develop my love of art through teaching and through my own studio practice. Returning slightly to a more traditional sense of representational painting, I am fascinated with understanding how to bridge the gap between classical painting techniques, and applying them to a more modern approach to color relationships, shape-making, and concept. Structure, as I mentioned, is a big part of my process in how I lay paint down, making sure every brushstroke creates the exact mark I intend. Through these practices, I aim to push and pull color to create new perceptions and representations of my environment and people.

Read more about Michaela, HERE.


✍️ Until next time!

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