Crosby’s Seafood – Folly Beach, Charleston, SC

View from Crosby’s Seafood…

Like many of us, we’ve curtailed our dining out – which isn’t fun, especially since we just started back (2-3 restaurant visits) before numbers started ramping up again. Fred had a great idea, Crosby’s Seafood. We wanted to head that way to pick up some fresh shrimp to cook at home, so we went while the food truck was open. WOW! So fresh, they’re actively working on the dock and serving your seafood – it just doesn’t get fresher!

I love that they have something called a Shrimp Snack, it’s a smaller portion, then we split a small french fry (I know, I know) and a coleslaw. Heaven. On. Earth. The shrimp was so fresh, the view was unbelievable, everyone is so nice, prices are very reasonable, and we were eating outside with no one around us (it was early) and there was a strong wind (hang on to the shrimp!). This photo was taken in a room under the building where you can eat if you like. We sat outside instead. I love it here. Usually the food truck is open Thursday- Sunday (I think), but sometimes days can change. ⚠️ I just saw on their Facebook page that they will be open today, closed tomorrow and closed for the next few weekends. It is SO worth the short trip. You can go upstairs inside the building and purchase the freshest seafood ever. Dips and all kinds of wonderful things. Read about the Food Truck HERE!

Check out Crosby’s Seafood WEBSITE, Instagram and Facebook!

I would say bring a camera because the view on the Folly River is gorgeous, but most of us at least have the camera in our phones, thank goodness!

Med Pasta with Shrimp

PS, the shrimp we purchased to cook at home were FABULOUS! I made a Mediterranean pasta (spinach pasta, shrimp, garlic, red peppers, red onion, artichokes, feta and olives) – Click HERE for the link to that post.

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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