Pretty Poppies – Happy Saturday!

Poppy on a morning walk

When we walk early mornings (most days) we pass by a house with a garden in the front yard. Veggies galore, flowers, everything you can imagine. We were a bit later walking this weekend morning, and I saw the sun hitting these poppies – (I think it’s a poppy?) – Startlingly beautiful! Look at the absolute perfection!

So! Saturday is upon us. What do you plan to do with this fine day? Get outside if you can – it’s always a good thing. The weather has just started to heat up here in Charleston, SC – a mix of humid days and some nice non-humid days are upon us. Soon it will be all hot/humid – so enjoy while you can (unless humidity is your thing)! I grew up in MI – so I’m more acclimated to cooler climates. When I moved here 100 years ago (ok, so its only been 33 years!) it took a bit to get used to the humidity. Well, I’m still not used to it, but I don’t think many people are, it’s just a way of life.

I do look forward to the lighter meals, the cooler food – more grilling, more salads, more cold dinners. We have amazing produce here and so many fabulous grocery stores. We have a Farmers Market in my area as well as downtown (a few miles away). So we have a lot of access to good food, and yikes when I see what we’ve been spending on food – it’s shocking. Prices have indeed risen for a variety of reasons. But, now instead of spending $54 and having nothing for dinner, I’m spending $97 and having nothing for dinner. Not sure how that happens.

When it gets warm, one of our favorite splurges is this Quick & Fabulous Tex Mex Dip, that I posted years ago. 🥑🍅🥬🇲🇽💃 I make it in the morning and just add the lettuce and a few tomato chunks on top to serve. It’s chilled so it’s nice and cold and soooo refreshing! #tryitithinkyoulllikeit

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


2 thoughts on “Pretty Poppies – Happy Saturday!

  1. Susan Graeber

    gorgeous flower!
    i’m on Sullivan’s for a week of painting and loving your weather here! About 3 weeks ahead of Maryland . And o the light here !!!!!!!
    All beautiful for sure .

    Liked by 1 person

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