Hand Painted Flower – Or is it?

It amazes me how Mother Nature has created such beauty. When you really look at things, the beauty is hard to describe. This flower (do you know what it is?) looks as if it were painted by hand. It’s not, of course, but the perfection is absolutely amazing! We planted these in our front yard, had them for several years, never got a single flower. Other places I see them, they’re thriving. #whatgives

I know there is an app you can pop on your phone, take an image of a plant and it’ll tell you what it is and how to fix it/care for it. Pretty cool. I just don’t want one more app, haha.

I absolutely adore flowers. Of all kinds. They brighten up a space and make it oh so happy. I like gentle flowers like tulips, strong scented flowers like lilies, colorful, textured flowers like peonies. I love the light pink, bright pink, and salmon geraniums. Love them! I love scented herbs like French Lavender, even mint – you can’t hurt the stuff! (I like a sure thing!). Does anyone know how to grow cilantro? I planted it once, went to check on it the next day and it was gone!! Something ate it…

Tis the season (or almost the season) for many of you to be planting flowers. That’s what I love most about this time of year. How about you?

✍️ Until next time…


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