Front Porch Views – Waynesville, NC

The Swag front porch view – stunning mountain vistas and endless amounts of hummingbirds!

Sometimes you just need to get away. Especially if it’s a big occasion (big birthday for me, and 30th anniversary for us) – sometimes a splurge is just what you need.

The Swag, located in Waynesville, NC is a stunning location, with the nicest people, great atmosphere, DIVINE DESIGN, delicious meals, abundant flowers, brilliant expert-in-residence (Steven Reinhold was our expert in residence – more posts in the future, so much wonderful info to share!) to take groups out on hikes and share so much knowledge of the area. When you’re at 5,000′(+) elevation, things are a bit different. All in a good way. It may take a few days of acclamation to the higher altitude, especially coming from Charleston, SC (elevation 9′ above sea level where we live). You notice things that don’t normally happen, you get out of breath easily when hiking. You might have a little trouble falling asleep for a few nights, but then, you’re in the Heaven, almost literally.

For those of you who have been to The Swag, you will recognize this image immediately – you will then crave what came out of the cooler just steps away 😉

This was an over-the-top surprise by my sweet husband (in addition to an even bigger surprise on our anniversary). He’s amazing – more stories coming soon…

Get out and enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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