The Beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains!

Waynesville, NC

I forget what the name of this very cool looking plant… To go from an elevation of around 9′ above sea level to over 5,000′ was amazing – the temperatures were magnificent. We were able to build a fire each morning and evening. We had a balcony off of our room that offered exquisite views. Everything was perfect. I took this photo while out on a hike with a group…

The Swag, where we stayed, has an Expert in Residence each day. While we were there it was Steven Reinhold (cannot recommend more highly!). He shared so much information (including the name of this plant in the photo – I just cannot remember what it was?) – (read more via link!)

We were so fortunate to spend four nights in the most magnificent place. The Swag. We met so many incredible people. Our visit made me realize how much I need the mountains, ha ha. Our hikes, especially the “forest bathing” hike, was so informative – and as I mentioned to the group, you don’t realize how your shoulders can get up around your ears sometimes. But after time in the woods really focusing on the beauty of it all, some deep breathing – and also (importantly) being unconnected from devices of any kind (Airplane Mode = Forest Bathing Mode). We rarely checked our phones, maybe once or twice a day, if that. It was a nice change of pace. No television (wouldn’t have turned it on anyway) which is nice, and would have been obtrusive in the beautiful space that is The Swag. Once you’re there, you realize how a television in the room would just be wrong…

You don’t have to stay at a nice place to unconnect – get outside if you can. Feel the grass under your feet. Lean against a tree. Take a deep breath. The benefits are enormous! #scientificallyproven More on that in an upcoming post.

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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