Homemade Ice Cream – 24/7 = #heaven

House Made Peanut Butter Ice Cream

I mentioned that we stayed at a pretty special place for my birthday/our anniversary a few weeks ago. I’m going through images, and will pop in some “Swag posts” because – y’all need to know about this heavenly place on earth!

One of the cool things about The Swag, is that they offer cold drinks (cold bottled waters, regular soda, and very special soda from Waynesville, NC in the most unique flavors. Fred was addicted to those wonderful sodas. Next to the cooler with the drinks, is an ice cream cooler. Also, there 24/7 for your enjoyment.

I remember when we checked in, Jim, showed us around. He showed us where the ice cream is kept, and mentioned that his favorite is the peanut butter. I made a mental note to try it. JIM! You’re so right! This was the absolute BEST ice cream I have ever tasted in all my years on this planet. Kudos to the ice cream chef – I know you exist! We spoke to you about ice cream and textures and this particular batch the texture was perfection – so divine I could hardly believe it. I love how they don’t plop huge scoops, a small scoop is exactly what sounded good. I will never forget it as long as I live, ha ha.

Enjoy this very last day of August! Wow, I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of summer (well, not until 9/22 – but hey, it’ll be here before you know it!) – I thought an ice cream post celebrating summer was the perfect post for the end of August.

🍨Until next time…

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