Dreams in black and white…

Ian has passed (hurricane) and we’ve been left with beautiful sunny skies. We’re done with cleanup and the City has already picked up the debris, which is no easy feat! When so many of us have huge piles by the street of branches, limbs, etc. it takes a lot of time to get it cleaned up. #yallbepatient At least we have something TO clean up. Very thankful for that.

Since the storm, Charlie has been going outside to sunbathe. Probably trying to get warm! I never remember temps this cool in October. I’m so happy, proof that it IS possible! We’ve also never had a hurricane (or tropical storm) during hurricane season (June 1 – November 30) that left us with cool weather. Every single hurricane that I’ve been through, left us with miserably hot and humid conditions. Which makes it tough to get outside and get things cleaned up, especially with no power or no water (Hurricane Hugo, 1989).

So thank you to all who have made life easier for the majority of us (City of Charleston, Charleston County, Charleston County Fire Department, City of Charleston Police Department) and everyone else associated.

🎂Also… a very happy birthday to my mom, who is super cool and far younger than her years. She still dresses cool and is young at heart, which matters oh so much! ♥️ Love you, lady! xo me 😘

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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