You finally caught up to me!

Some days are more celebratory than others – today is one of those days! You only turn “big numbers” once (ok, so you only turn every age once, details, details!) so you may as well celebrate in style, right? This photo was taken on a recent adventure – one that celebrated the wonderful man I married.

Today I’m celebrating a wonderful soul (who also happens to be my husband) ❤️. He’s finally caught up to me age-wise, ha ha. Happy birthday, Dearie! You make the world a better place with your smile. I LOVE hearing your laughter, and look forward to more of it.

The above photo is a snapshot from a video when the wonderful people at The Swag sang him Happy Birthday – he wasn’t expecting it, so that made it extra special. #thankyou! We saved the cake for today – and a certain someone is VERY excited about that… #enjoyyourcake

Fred is as hard working as they come. Both in his work-life, where he puts in long hours day after day – meeting the demands of so many. He also puts in long hours around the house. Take a day and relax (take as many days as you like and relax!) 😎🧘‍♂️🌴✨🙏🙌- Life is so short, enjoy every single minute of it.

I’m thankful to have met you all those years ago, hard to believe how quickly time passes. May your next “trip around the sun” be blessed with happiness, good health and your lovely wife (haha). I love you, Frederick. Oh! Happy day!

Today we celebrate YOU! Here’s to many more years moving furniture, planning the next revision of our home (i.e. moving ROOMS around), searching, researching, cooking, eating, and living our best lives. I love you with all my heart!

🎶 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, sweet man!!! xo, me

🥳 Until next time…


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