Do you see wild animals? {WordPress Post Prompt}

Magnificent trees + sunset in a historic neighborhood = WOW. My husband and I were walking the other night as the sun was setting and a large full moon was lighting up the sky. My phone refused to see the large brilliant moon – but when I turned around and saw the stunning sky behind me I just had to take a quick photo. I love the tree and the sky. This is a magical time of year.

I love the “post prompts” that are appearing when I start a post from WordPress. In light grey you see a little “something” to write about. Creative writing was one of my all time favorite subjects. Give me paper and a pen and I can write about something/anything for probably ever.
Today’s prompt is “Do you ever see wild animals?” Which seems like an odd question to me, doesn’t everyone see wild animals? But when you think about it, maybe not! We have raccoons that like to visit our backyard on a nightly basis, make a mess – have a party poolside and then leave. They are large – like the size of a big dog. Ok, maybe that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration, but if you’re outside at the same time as they are they certainly feel like they’re much larger.

We had a raccoon move into the rafters of our garage one year. My husband left the garage door open and it must have slipped in. Each day the door opened and the raccoon would scurry off. Then Fred heard some odd noises, grabbed a ladder and looked up in the rafters and there were her kits. Uh oh. So we agreed to let her be until she moved along with her kits. Well… she was a little rambunctious and overpowering. She was territorial over “her” garage, and rightfully so, she was protecting her kits. However, a mean raccoon, a dog and a man who needs to get in his garage on occasion is not a good combination. So we paid a fortune to have her picked up (with her kits) and moved to a nice secluded location where they could live happily ever after. We definitely made the right decision, especially after watching the man while moving them.

A trap was set in our garage (humane, not one that would hurt her or the kits). The man came back early that morning to take them all. He had them all in a cage and she was trying to bite him and she tried to bite one of her kits, which he said was unusual. She wasn’t a sweetie. Whew, we were glad when that was over.

Now they’re back, but the garage door remains closed. So they’re just partying by the pool. #neversaywhatnext Don’t get me started on the snakes…

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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