Truoba Class 115 House Plan!

Truoba Class 115 House Plan!

I know I post a lot of coastal plans – probably because we live on the coast, but it’s fun to look at other plans. I happen to love so many different styles of homes, I could go on and on. A Mid-Century Modern type plan is always fun to me. This is a modern plan with a lot of windows (therefore a lot of light!) – it’s a dream.

This is the Class 115 plan by Truoba. This plan is 2,300 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It’s a one story plan with a lot of options. You can choose a gable roof, which makes it appear more traditional (my opinion), you can add a basement (not something we would consider in Charleston being so close to sea level) as well as an attached garage. Truoba will also work with you on and changes you would like to make to this plan.

The image above is the back of the house – I absolutely love the fireplace and the covered porch, the wonderful windows, and the simplicity of it all.

Truoba Class 115 House Plan!

You enter this plan (see red triangle at top for entry point), immediately there is a closet on both side of you (very handy)! If you turn to the right you walk into the kitchen, which is open to the great room, dining area and office space (which is so cool how they have it divided – check out the images on their site via the THIS PLAN link below).

If you walked in and turned left you would venture down the hallway where you will see two bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry/mechanical room. It’s nice they’re tucked out of the way.

If you turned right at the kitchen when you walked in, you’ll pass the pantry (love!) You are now at the “wing” which leads to the master suite.

Check out more images via their website via these links:


Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  This Plan

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All images via, used with permission…
Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

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