Featured Artist… Bill Sharp!

BillSharp Miki BSfb

Miki by Bill Sharp / Image: Bill Sharp

The eyes. Look at the eyes. You can get the feeling that Bill described about his rescue dog Miki… you can see it in his posturing and his eyes that he’s not thrilled about a photo shoot (unlike Charlie, who runs into the photo of whatever I take). I love the name they chose for Miki… read on… Miki really stands out against this beautiful red rug, doesn’t he? What a sweet dog! Great painting Bill!

From Bill Sharp’s blog, this particular post was called “On the Carpet”:

This is our little mutt Miki. He’s a rescue dog that we got from a shelter, where he was listed as an American Eskimo mix. I believe the mix part but I think he has more Chihuahua in him than Eskimo dog. However, we looked for inuit words when naming him and settled on miki, which, according to our internet source, means small ice floe.

Obviously, since he wouldn’t hold this pose, I painted this from a photo. He’s afraid of cameras, thus the defensive posture. I wasn’t threatening him, except with the camera.

All in all, he’s a pretty good dog.

One more photo… check out Bill’s blog, it truly is filled with fabulous work!

BillSharp LawnChair BSfb

Lawn Chair by Bill Sharp

FABULOUS in every way! Catch you back here tomorrow!