Featured Artist… Scott Christensen!

“Life” by Scott Christensen

Image: M Gallery of Fine Art, Charleston, SC

LIFE. What a great title for this painting! It’s an impressive 70 x 70 ( 80 x 80 with the gorgeous frame included) let me tell you, it makes a statement.  Scott Christensen is an amazing artist. That goes without saying. Fred and I popped in M Gallery in Charleston, SC last weekend and saw the latest arrival entitled “Life”. I’m not kidding you when I say we walked into the room and stopped in our tracks. This painting is a stunner. If there is a chance that you can find your way downtown Charleston, SC you must stop in and check it out… there are so many great artists in one gallery it will blow your mind, including (but not limited to)… Frank Gardner, Tom Balderas, Robert Spooner, Gene Costanza, and the list goes on…

There is great video of this painting you must check it out! This was on the M Gallery blog… click HERE

Here’s a blip about Scott from an article in Artist Daily website. Click on the bolded Q+A link to read in it’s entirety!

Idaho artist Scott Christensen is one of the most well-respected landscape painters in the country, and his understanding of light, ability to achieve pure color, and reverence for nature also make him a highly sought-after instructor. In this Q+A section, we list Christensen’s responses to 10 questions on landscape painting to give readers a glimpse into the artist’s mind, process, and teaching style.

Then… what I’m always interested in… (from the same link in Artist Daily):

AA: Who are some of your heroes in the landscape-painting genre, both past and present?

SC: Past: Isaac Levitan, Emil Carlsen, Alphonse Mucha, Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, Nicolai Fechin, Anders Zorn, Arthur Mathews, Edward Steichen, and Ilya Repin. Present: Clyde Aspevig, Carolyn Anderson, Tim Lawson, Susan Lyon, Scott Burdick, Dan Gerhartz, and Sherrie McGraw.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Gene Costanza!

Gene Costanza, artist at M Gallery of Fine Art {image}

Isn’t this a fabulous Charleston scene? I remember many years ago it seemed like so many of the paintings were the same… most of the Charleston paintings were pastel in color and all the same in subject matter… things have been changing for years now. The paintings are more modern even though they’re not contemporary… I think it’s the influence of working plein air for many artists. There is nothing like that quick loose style, it’s fabulous. This painting was done by artist Gene Costanza. Happened to see on Facebook that he’s in town painting right now…  (as I write this)… that’s one thing about our city. You can be walking around downtown and run into artists set up on the street painting. I still marvel at that. I love to watch someone paint. Everyone approaches it so differently. There are truly SO MANY GREAT ARTISTS it blows my mind. We are very fortunate to have such a strong art community. We support the arts and all the different events… our galleries work hard here in Charleston to keep the public involved in the art… art walks, receptions, they get very creative, and we are very lucky indeed!

Gene Costanza is an exceptional artist, and I’m thrilled to know that he’s being shown here locally at M Gallery! Check out his work, or his website (or both!)… catch you back here tomorrow!

Image and blip from the artists website:

American, b.1954 
Gene Costanza is a contemporary realist painter of traditional subject matter, focusing primarily on landscape and man’s interaction with it and nature. Equally at home painting “en plein air’ as well as in the studio, Costanza orchestrates paintings that engage the viewer to enter the subject with him by capturing the light and atmosphere.
Over twenty-five years of his life was spent in Law Enforcement in such specialties as SWAT, K9 Handler, K9 Supervisor, Patrol Supervisor and Detective.  About mid career, the desire to return to artistic endeavors surfaced after having been abandoned in his early twenties.  Though dormant, there was a constant underlying desire to again delve into the mysteries of paint, light, and subject matter.  Costanza believes it took a decade and a half of discipline to mold his personal tendencies so that he could study and work as hard as one needs to in the very difficult endeavor of making a good painting.  Costanza retired from law enforcement to become a full-time painter.  
Primarily “self-taught,” he has studied with a number of great contemporary artist/teachers including; Kevin McPherson, Matt Smith, Jeffery Watt, and has a long standing close personal as well as professional friendship with Scott L. Christensen.  It is Christensen whom Costanza credits with most of his growth.  Frequently these two can be found painting, fishing, hunting or just enjoying the fellowship of intimate friendship.
His work is in collections from coast to coast and is included in the permanent collection of the Academy Museum in Easton, Maryland.
Costanza is married and has two grown sons and makes his home in Eugene, OR.