Pumpkinscape by Jamie Wyeth –

Pumpkinscape by Jamie Wyeth (via JamieWyeth.com)

Happy Halloween! And what says Happy Halloween better than one of my all time favorite paintings of Jamie Wyeth’s (although, there are SO MANY)? This painting has drama, movement, light, COLOR and FEELING!

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Happy Halloween! Is this a spectacular painting or what?!

Ann Getsinger Library Pumpkin DowlingWalshGlry
Library Pumpkin by Ann Getsinger
[Image: DowlingWalsh.com]

H A P P Y    H A L L O W E E N ! ! !

Trick or treat!? No tricks only treats… woot woot! Have a great night!

(Painting by Ann Getsinger…  Image from Dowling Walsh Gallery!)


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…      An artsy halloween! Pumpkinscape by artist Jamie Wyeth!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…  IS THIS REAL? WHOA? Happy Halloween!

A pumpkin patch, Halloween candy and great memories!

Aren’t these the coolest pumpkins? When we were on Monhegan a group of locals were picking pumpkins (and assorted other goods) for a Farmer’s Market the next day… how festive is this!?

Are you ready for Halloween? Have you bought candy yet? If not… you might want to bop out and get some! I came close to getting some that I like (BABY RUTH, oh good grief), but I turned around and put them back. The candy is not safe alone with me, and I truly don’t need to be eating candy no matter how small it is, ha ha… Hopefully I will remember to run out at the last minute to get some! Long ago (17+ years) when we moved into this neighborhood, we were the “young” ones… now we’re the “old” ones… wow, how time flies. We moved in August 1995… we came from a neighborhood with LOTS of kids, so when Halloween rolled around I really needed to stock up. Halloween came in 1995 and I stocked up, and we had four kids trick-or-treat. Yikes. Our neighborhood is back to having quite a few kids, which makes Halloween a lot more fun. Some of these kids/parents can really get inventive with the costumes! Jeez and I used to get excited about a mask, ha ha… oh how things change!

I have fond memories of Halloween. Trick-or-treating up and down our street with my dad while my mom handed out candy to the kiddies… Do you remember collecting for Unicef about that same time? I loved doing that! Ah, good memories! Where’s my Zagnut, Bubbs Daddy and Slo Poke? Hee…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

IS THIS REAL? WHOA! Happy Halloween!

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!

Years ago I picked up this gigantic pumpkin from Target after Halloween. Bought it for $10. Every year we put it on the front porch and plug it in on Halloween night. Everyone thinks it’s real. Every. Year. It was a great find. Sometimes I get a real pumpkin and sometimes I don’t… this one gets all the attention!

Be safe on the roads, watch out for the kiddies… HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Wanted: Halloween costume wearing patrons… @ Taco Boy in Charleston TONIGHT!

Image from Taco Boy, Charleston, SC

Those of you who know me know how I love Taco Boy restaurant. The ambiance can’t be beat, and luckily neither can the food… Every day is a party at Taco Boy… and although I’m not one that stays up late, I want to let the rest of you know there is a PARTY at Taco Boy tonight… there will be live music, games, contests AND the best costume wins $1000! Whaaaat? So what are you going to be?? Hey, get a group together, best group costume is $500! Spend a few minutes, come up with something creative and go for it! Have fun, and if you go, I’d love to hear about it!