Artist Elizabeth Pollie captured the beast… perfectly! Study #17.. Charlie!

charlie by elizabeth pollie

Study #17 by Elizabeth Pollie, Image Via Elizabeth Pollie

I almost fell and couldn’t get up. Seriously. When I saw the image come across on my phone, that tiny image on my Blackberry, I truly thought it was the photo of Charlie until I went to the computer and pulled up Facebook. Artist Elizabeth Pollie has been doing a study a day (30 studies/30 days) and they are so exquisite, each and every one is just breathtaking. You wonder how ONE person can have so much talent!? It boggles my mind.

Charlie is “Study #17”. Wow! It is so perfect that words truly escape me. I simply cannot stop looking at it. (STUDY? I say to myself? If I were to paint something that wonderful, I would declare myself a master and call it a day! Hee)

This is the image that was on my blog post entitled You again? Ugh…! from February 23, 2013. Elizabeth commented on that post and said that it looked like a painting… so I quickly emailed her back letting her know she was more than welcome to the image! That evening I saw the painting pop up on Facebook.

Will she just go away?

I. Almost. Fell. Over.  Elizabeth’s painting is so fabulous that it brings tears to my eyes. Wow. Am I weird? Ha ha…

Elizabeth Pollie shows her work locally here in Charleston, SC at the Horton Hayes Gallery. She is a phenomenal artist with more than just talent. This woman can SEE. She is so perceptive that she picked up the very essence of Charlie. You must check out her work, you will be floored. I’m preparing you in advance. There is no higher praise I can give. More than just a great artist, she’s such a nice person, and quite hilarious. She is as eloquent with her words as she is with her paintbrush. Most all of her posts bring a smile to my face. I love that about her!

Here’s a blip about the Elizabeth Pollie Fine Art Gallery  located in Harbor Springs, MI – I can’t wait to get there one day!

Elizabeth Pollie Fine Art is located in Harbor Springs, Michigan. The gallery specializes in representational painting by nationally acclaimed artists. The focus of EPFA is on extremely high quality fine art for the discerning client. We welcome both first time buyers as well as seasoned collectors.

Please visit us in the summer at 231 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740.

Read more about Elizabeth on a previous post… or from her website.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Brian M. Smith!

Midwinter Melt by Brian M. Smith / Image:

I ran across Brian Smith’s work while perusing the  Tvedten Fine Art Gallery website. The gallery is located in Harbor Springs, MI, which is on the northwest coast in a beautiful location. This painting captured my attention… I think it was the trees that did it. I love these trees, the colors, the light and shadow, very very nice!

Here’s a blip about the artist from his website, catch you back here tomorrow!

Smith is a talented landscape artist who began drawing and painting at an early age. Largely self taught, Brian has become a recognized plein-aire and studio painter who’s works are included in many private and corporate collections in the U.S. and Germany. Working in oils, he paints frequently on location striving to complete works in a single session, as well as using plein-aire studies as models for larger studio works.“Art follows what I ordinarily do,” Smith says. “Being an outdoors person, I hope my landscapes evoke the sense of a moment in time: light reflecting off wet rocks on a distant shoreline; a sky that as kids made us imagine clouds as objects; reflections in a quiet pond or special mornings and evenings between sunlight and darkness. Painting, especially en plein-aire is as pleasurable as it is difficult. An acquaintance once told me until seeing a show of my work he rarely looked at the sky and now does as a habit. That’s a response I’m very thrilled with.”