Port Clyde, ME near Monhegan Boat Line


This shot was taken on the boat headed to Monhegan Island, Maine. So picturesque, isn’t it? It just takes my breath away every single time! This photo reminds me of a painting by Colin Page. He has probably painted this same area many times… have you seen his work? Whew, amazing! I love his JOURNAL… full of great information…

Daniel Kany recently wrote a review of his Greenhut Gallery show in the Maine Sunday Telegram – a must read! Colin also shows his work here locally in Charleston, SC at the Anglin Smith Gallery at 9 Queen Street. Stop by and see what he’s all about!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Art quote weekend… Whistler’s Mother…

Image: http://sfist.com

Well, WOOHOO, it’s ART QUOTE WEEKEND… Today’s quote is from James MacNeill Whistler:

An artist’s career always begins tomorrow.

  –James McNeill Whistler

This painting was officially known as “Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist’s Mother” (1871) and is the fourth most recognizable painted image in the world!

I love his quote… An artist’s career always begins tomorrow…Well, hmmm, isn’t that the truth? Like I say at least once a week… NEXT week I’m going to start painting again! Wish me luck… hee hee.

Have a great weekend everyone, catch you back here tomorrow!

Quote via: ArtQuotes.net / Image via: http://sfist.com