Happy Father’s Day!

My dad… (Joe Fidler, and my mom, Sheila, peeking through on the left)

Happy Father’s Day dad! I love, love, love this picture of you! Great smile, great time we had on Monhegan Island, ME. I love you for all you’ve done for me. You’ve taught me many things, you have said wise things (that I didn’t think were so wise at the time, but I realize now, you WERE right, hey, it happens, ha ha…). A few things that come to mind… when I no longer wanted to take piano lessons, and I asked you WHY I needed to know how to play the piano. You told me so that I could play for myself, I didn’t like that answer, so you told me I could play at parties… hmmm, closer, but nah… I could live without that noteriety, ha… damn, I wish I never stopped taking lessons, way too hard when you’re older. I remember I didn’t want to go to bed one night and you told me, one day you’re going to WANT TO SLEEP… I thought you had lost your marbles. Who wants to go to bed early, I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could stay up… yep, that’s me, I stay up till 9:00, well most nights! Darn if you weren’t right again! I was very fortunate to grow up with such a cool dad that taught me so many things as I watched YOU do so many things (photography and developing, that was TOO COOL, painting…, rock polishing, wine making, canoe building, wooden ornament making and the list goes on and on and on… you are so interesting to be around because you are so interested in everything. I remember how I used to love to stand on your feet and dance, do you remember that? Cruising Georgian Bay on a sailboat… heaven, at least from a kids perspective! North Star Sail Club, WOW, now THOSE were fun times! Moving to Algonac and living on the river… ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! Thank you for all you have done. I love you with all my heart…

Fred’s dad, Carlisle, I call him DC…

And a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to you DC! We thank you for all you do for us, all you help us learn, for helping us to keep our house in working order and for showing us how to do oh so many things. We appreciate it more than you can ever know! You’re the best. Fred was also lucky to grow up with such a great dad (and mom!), who camped, fished, went to horse shows and did so much together. I join Fred in thinking you are a wonderful man and we love you!

I hope all you Father’s out there have a wonderful day, and to those of you who aren’t Father’s, be a mentor to someone… you don’t have to be an actual “father”… go celebrate yourself!
Catch you back here tomorrow!

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