The great escape on our wedding day… 19 years ago…

Run baby run! 8/22/92

Ohmygosh, we had the time of our lives on our wedding day! This is us, big hair and all, NINETEEN YEARS AGO today! Whew does time ever fly. Right when you decide to forget about finding the one true love in life do you happen to walk a friends dog right up to their very feet. What a happy day that was. I knew almost immediately that Fred was THE ONE. It was his gentle demeanor, the way he listened when I talked, the way he was truly HAPPY to see me. Fred is everything in the world to me, he’s my ONE TRUE LOVE, and I will be forever grateful!

Happy 19 years Fred! I love you!! More happy days to come… xoxo barbara

Catch y’all back here tomorrow!! I believe we have some anniversary cake to eat, ha ha…


3 thoughts on “The great escape on our wedding day… 19 years ago…

  1. Maryanne

    I was there to witness your special day!!! Is that me the blond on the right..hehe? Your love from one another shows the meaning what true love is all about! Love you both!!


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