Thank you to artist Dan Corey, an artist who knows the spirit of the season…!

I just want to give a big SHOUT to artist Dan Corey for being so very generous! First of all for being a part of a fundraiser for Boothbay Regional Art Foundation’s Art Scholarship Fund, where all artists who participated agree to sell their paintings for $100 with 25% going to the foundation (NOTE: Fundraiser is over BUT you are in luck… the paintings on Dan’s blog are still available UNTIL the day after Christmas and then they’ll be gone (or regular price)… Dan didn’t just include a painting or two, he included around 20 or so paintings (at the time I write this)! That is VERY GENEROUS! And… then he did a holiday giveaway, the first person to read his post and answer his questions won the gorgeous painting above. Let me say, I don’t normally win things… and I’m OK with that… BUT this was meant to be! I was checking his blog to see if he posted a new painting and saw that the giveaway had begun! The questions were posted! I got answers to the questions and responded as fast as my frozen fingers would type… and whew… I am HAPPY to say, we are the proud owners of the big holiday giveaway painting and we are THRILLED! So a BIG THANK YOU to Dan… we are loyal followers Dan, you are a fabulous artist as well as the nicest guy… we look forward to meeting you one day soon!

Merry Christmas to you (and Raquele)! The same to the rest of you folks! Check out Dan’s blog, it’s a treat!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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