Featured Artist… Hiu Lai Chong!

“In the Studio” by Hiu Lai Chong

Hiu Lai Chong’s work is absolutely amazing. Her plein air pieces are fabulous, so loose and airy, where you feel as if you’re there. The paintings she does of people captures their very essence. I have not met this artist (yet)! and by the title of this piece “In the Studio” it makes me wonder if this is a self portrait? It’s gorgeous. I bow to those of you who can paint people… I think it’s a talent that not a lot of us were meant to have. To be able to capture that person in a painting is breathtaking! Hiu Lai Chong has a wonderful website, check it out! She participates in a lot of the plein air events, that information is also on her website!

A blip about the artist from her website:

Hiu Lai Chong finds her painting inspiration at local marinas and shorelines along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. She loves painting from life and enjoys using vivid colors and sensitive brush strokes to express mood and feeling in her work. 

 She received her early art training in Hong Kong at the Jockey Club Ti-I College, and earned her Associate in Applied Science degree from Navarro College and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with the Fellowship Award. She continued her art education through various workshops and classes at The Art League in Alexandria, Virginia and around the country.

 Today she focuses on landscape, portrait and figure painting, enjoying the beauty that all of nature offers. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America, Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists, a member of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters, Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painter Association,  and the Chinese Culture and Art League. Her paintings have won awards and been shown in museums around the country including the Academy Art Museum (MD), Coos Art Museum (OR), the Biggs Museum of American Art (DE), the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (MD), and the Buffalo Naval Park Museum (NY) and AnHui Museum in China.


 John Singer Sargent, Rembrandt van Rijn, Chao Shao-an, Richard Schmid, David Leffel, and Nelson Shank’s Studio Incamminati. Robert Liberace, Rick Weaver, Danni Dawson, Ted Reed, Sara Poly, Ross Merrill, and Ed Ahlstrom, Sandra Dowd, Tom Sale.

I love it when artists mention others artist who inspired them! Read more about Hiu Lai Chong here

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Image from Hiu Lau Chong’s website!

4 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Hiu Lai Chong!

    1. Absolutely amazing! I love doing the featured artist’s each week! There are so many talented artists in this world, love to share them with you! I am so intrigued by WHO inspires them, I love when they include that info in their bio! Thanks for your comment Maria!


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