Charleston, SC Photo: From a different perspective…

I love a different angle on things. This photo was taken looking up at the gorgeous windows of a beautiful home in Charleston, SC. When you walk around the streets of Charleston there is SO MUCH to look at. If you’re anything like me you can’t help but snap away! I’m so thankful for my digital camera! Remember taking photos in the “old days”?  In addition to buying a battery, you had to buy film, then you had to take the film in to be processed and have prints made. It always seemed like the ones you were really looking forward to turning out were the ones that weren’t quite right… eyes closed, mouths open, etc. So woot woot for the inventor of the digital camera! Now I can snap away, come home and load them on my computer and delete the ones that aren’t stunning!

Speaking of cameras… if you’ve got a good camera, tell me about it… I currently have  a Kodak Z something or other, what do you have? Why do you like it so much? What are its limitations? How have you adapted to no view finder? (I don’t think I could, I really like a view finder)… Is it worth getting one that you can set manually to manipulate how you like or is point and shoot the way to go? Is it a pain to have a camera where you have to switch lenses? I would think so? What’s the thinnest, sharpest, camera with a viewfinder with at least a 10x zoom? If you get a chance please let me know… if you’d rather email, my email is !

Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Charleston, SC Photo: From a different perspective…

  1. I have the Canon Rebel T3i. I am a beginner where photography is concerned and I can’t say enough about this camera. I LOVE IT! I love it. It was very easy to learn how to use and very easy to use. I do most of my photos fully manual, but there are times when I use the full automatic or Shutter or Aperture priority (for instance if I’m in a situation where the photos are extremely important to me like my daughter’s graduation). As far as limitations … I haven’t found any yet, but then again I am only a beginner. I’m sure someone who is more experienced could answer that question better than me. Personally, I still use the viewfinder despite the fact that it has an LCD Screen. I prefer the viewfinder. It is definitely a little more inconvenient changing lenses, but in most general situations, I use my 50mm lens. To me the small inconvenience is worth the photos you end up with. It is totally worth getting one that you can set manually to manipulate how you like. Now, that I am comfortable with the manual setting, I would never go without it. I know as I get better at this, I doubt I would really use any other setting than manual. It’s totally the way to go. Hope this helps. 😀


  2. THANK YOU! I’m going to check out the Canon Rebel T3i! Long ago I had a manual camera and I took some awesome photos, then I switched to point and shoot which was really convenient, especially because it was digital and a 10x zoom, however, I found I lost the ability to focus on what I want so… Not sure when I will get a new camera but thought I would start researching now! Thanks so much!


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