You See This Man? He Is The Love Of My Life!

You see this man? This man is the love of my life. When I first met him it was love at first sight. I thank God for him every single solitary day. I am so thankful to have met him, I still cannot believe it! Fate had me dog sitting for a friend at her house, when Fred pulled around the corner in his sporty BMW with a big smile on his face. I grabbed the puppy and had him leashed up in no time (didn’t know the dog had NEVER been on a leash, or had never gone for a walk…) and was taking him for a “walk”, that little puppy pulled me right into Fred’s driveway and sat at his feet. If that isn’t a sign… ha ha… That was Easter weekend 1991. I woke up on Easter and walked out to get the newspaper. I saw a large gift bag hanging on the front door. I thought to myself how lucky my friend was to get such a thoughtful gift on Easter. I set it on the dining room table. Walking back to the house after getting the paper I thought, hmmmm, WONDER IF IT COULD BE FOR ME?? Nah… Well?? Check the bag for a card… and there it was… To: BARBARA, whaaaaaat?????? A huge stuffed Easter bunny in the bag so beautifully presented. What a wonderful beginning… we have been together ever since the day we met. I cannot imagine my life without Fred. He’s wonderful in every single way.

Today we’ve been married for 20 (TWENTY!) years. It seems like just yesterday we were planning to meet at the chapel. That we were both nervous and hopeful that all of our planning would work out as we had hoped. Fred was at the church washing windows early that morning. He wanted everything to be perfect. And it was!

We had the best time at our wedding. That was too much fun! We had the best honeymoon ever tucked away in a cabin in the woods. It was magical.

I hope you have found someone who captures your heart and makes you smile. I am so fortunate to have a husband who is truly my best friend AND the absolute love of my life bar none. I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world! I would take this kind of love over any amount of money or any other possible “possession”. Things are things. Things can be replaced. You tire of “things”.

I will never tire of Fred.

He is hands down the sweetest man I have ever met.

August 22, 1991

So thank you for coming into my life Fred, here’s to the next twenty years… and twenty after that! I love you so much… Barbara

Catch you back here tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “You See This Man? He Is The Love Of My Life!

  1. You both have been a bright spot in my life also. In catching up I see you had a big 50 .Happy year to come. Life is great with a fantastic partner .I know because I have one of 48 years. I wish you the same and many more Your blog is always delightful. Much love Sandra and Jack


  2. Yep, the big 50, hee hee… Married 48 years, whoa! Here’s to at least 48 more!! You’re so right… Life is so wonderful when you’re with someone who makes you smile… Have a great week Sandra!


  3. Jerry Stocks

    I found your blog courtesy of Sandra Baggette and have been a subscriber ever since. I thoroughly enjoy everything you write about and especially enjoyed today’s blog. What a lovely tribute to your husband. Would you believe I attend Sandra and Jack’s wedding?


    1. Jerry, thank you for such a sweet comment, you made my day! Sandra and Jack are the best, aren’t they!? I got lucky when I met Fred… I feel very blessed, that’s for sure! I bet Sandra and Jack’s wedding was a fabulous event!! Thank you so much for your comment!


  4. Maryanne Haynes

    Barb, I remember the day you two met…..Fred came over my house telling me about you walking the dog, etc. He was so excited in meeting you…love at first sight!! You two are the perfect couple and wishing you a happy 20th wedding anniversary. Wishing you so many years of happiest!!! I miss you both so much!! You are also the perfect neighbors!!!


    1. Thanks for sharing that Maryanne! How neat to hear that! It truly was love at first sight… Thank you so much for the happy wishes, YOU guys were also the perfect neighbors… HOUSE NEXT DOOR FOR SALE, hee hee… seriously! : )


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