Featured Artist… Robert Norieka!

“Lobster Buoys” by Robert Norieka – Image: Sylvan Gallery

I love Robert Norieka’s style… loose and dramatic. His colors… intense… in a very good way. I LOVE the color of that little shed and how the buoys really stand out and make a statement. What really makes this painting stand out is how a good part of it is in the shade and the rest in the sun. The part in the sun is so colorful. This is such a fantastic painting done by an artist who can paint watercolor, acrylic and oil (i’m sure there’s more he does, but that’s what we saw the other day at the Sylvan Gallery in Wiscasset, Maine).

If you’re in the Wiscasset area, I urge you to pop in Sylvan Gallery and take a peek! Then run down to TREATS for some… TREATS!  Hee hee…

Here’s a blip about Robert from the Sylvan Gallery (Wiscasset, Maine) website:

Robert is a graduate of Paier School of Art and has been a professional artist for thirty-five years. His passion for art is matched by a natural talent to paint a wide variety of subjects, highlighted by expressive coastal scenes, intimate woodland pictorials and seasonal treks through the countryside. He has been inspired by the many pleasurable memories of his boyhood; which was spent joyfully fishing, and catching turtles and frogs.

A prominent national award winning artist and illustrator, Robert’s paintings hang in both corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. His painting Catfish and Turtles is in the permanent collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art. He is represented in numerous galleries and teaches and lectures throughout New England. He has illustrated magazine editorials and seven books. He is an elected member of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, the Salmagundi Club, the Lyme Art Association, the Connecticut Watercolor Society, the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and he is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society.

So far in 2012 Robert Noreika has already won two significant awards including the Robert Sanstrom Prize – $5,000 and GOLD MEDAL, at the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, and the Second Prize Award at the National Open Show of the New England Watercolor Society. Awards in 2011 include a first award in the New England Watercolor Society’s regional show at the Attleboro Museum as well as awards at the Salmagundi Show in NYC and from the New Haven Paint and Clay Club.

Noreika is a featured artist in 100 Artists of New England published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. in 2010.

And through October 29, 2012…

A New Exhibition at Sylvan Gallery 
“Bold Impressions”
The Paintings of Robert Noreika
September 28th – October 29th

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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