A tad fickle?


I love this cool building located in Wiscasset, Maine. I would like to live there! Right in the heart of town, a short walk to Treats for a chat and a cup of soup, a tasty sandwich and maybe a treat or two!

This is currently a business, but would make one heck of a house! Do you ever have dreams of packing up and moving on? We are usually ready to jump ship in the heat of the summer… swearing that we’ll move to Maine soon! Then winter comes and the weather is beautiful and we say to ourselves… HOW could we ever leave THIS? A tad fickle perhaps?

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…     Photo weekend: Charleston… A walk downtown…

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Coming Soon, the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure – Daniel Island SC (2011)

Have YOU been to Red’s Eats?

Red's Eats Wiscasset, Maine

This photo almost looks like it could have been taken a decade (or two) ago… some things never change, which is nice… Red’s Eats, a popular spot to get an assortment of food, known mainly for their lobster rolls (and cheap prices) this is one place that always has a line! They don’t have a website, but it looks like their hours are 11AM – 11PM MON-THURS and 11AM-12AM FRI, SAT & SUN. These people aren’t afraid to work hard!

I have yet to stand in line, we’re usually trying to get one place or another… or I’m just too hungry!

Have YOU been to Red’s??

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Featured Artist… Alfred Peter Frank Sandford!

“Lighthouse Keeper’s House, Monhegan” by Alfred Peter Frank Sandford

You see a lot of artists paint the lighthouse on Monhegan. It’s picturesque to say the least. Alfred’s twist was so different. That loose style, bright colors and great composition really bring this painting to life! If you’re in the Wiscasset, Maine area stop in Wiscasset Bay Gallery, say hello and take a peek at some fabulous art!

Another of Monhegan… this is unbelievable… truly a masterpiece!

“Base of Whitehead, Monhegan” by Alfred Peter Frank Sandford

Here’s a blip about Alfred from the Wiscasset Bay Gallery website:

Born in London, England in 1928, Sandford studied at Enfield Technical College and began work as a draftsman. Sandford left England in the early 1950s to live in Toronto, Canada, and eventually settled in Flushing, New York in 1958 with his family. Sandford turned his attention from design and drafting work to painting in the 1960s, studying art at The New School and the Art Students League in New York City.

Sandford painted throughout New England, capturing the landscape around him through his bright and energetic acrylic paintings. He was particularly taken with Monhegan Island, and spent over thirty years painting the dramatic island landscape. Although Sandford never exhibited his art during his lifetime, his paintings are now beginning to gain recognition, and a number of his works of Monhegan Island can be found in the collection of the Monhegan Island Museum.

Wow, I’m a bit sad that he never exhibited his work while he was alive. I truly hope he knew how talented he was! This is a great artist to collect, and how wonderful is it that a number of his works will be at home at the Monhegan Island Museum!?

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Images: WiscassetBayGallery.com

Is this brilliant or what? Screen garage door!

While walking around the charming village of Wiscasset, Maine we stopped in this quaint antique store, Lilac Cottage Antiques. Nice guy, beautiful antiques… but you know what blew me away?

Don’t laugh… The antique shop was situated in an older house with an attached garage. To make the most of their space, they SCREENED THE GARAGE DOOR so that they could have a breeze in the warmer months. I didn’t look to see, but I’m sure there was another door that they closed at night, this was a very nice antique shop… it was a very bright day, so not the best photo, but LOOK! Brilliant! I would like one on our garage door in the summer so it can get some air! Hee…

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Now, this is one door to open…!

This is the front door to the Marston House. A wonderful antique shop located in Wiscasset, Maine. My husband and I stayed a few nights in the carriage house located behind this house. That will be a future post, suffice it to say, it was THE. BEST. TIME. EVER! Sharon and Paul who own the Marston House are fascinating people, very cool and so interesting to talk to! Like I said, more coming soon…

Check out their website if you get a chance. It shows wonderful photos of the antique shop, carriage house as well as the apartment they have for rent in France. Yes! France. Enough said… can you imagine?

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

TREATS of Maine located in Wiscasset. It’s a tradition!

Oh boy do we ever love this place! TREATS is the perfect blend of, well treats, wonderful desserts, coffee, tea, sandwiches, homemade soups that are unusual and out of this world. We are never disappointed with what we order! When we visit Maine, we land, get in the car and head straight to Treats. If you’re in the area, stop by, say hello and pick up a treat and a coffee. It’s all good! They also have bread, wine, cheese and assortment of other goods. Can’t wait to get back, hmmm, wonder what i’ll order, hee.

Treats is a wonderful place to sit and talk to both locals and tourists, we’ve met some fascinating people!

One of our sandwiches…

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Featured Artist… Robert Norieka!

“Lobster Buoys” by Robert Norieka – Image: Sylvan Gallery

I love Robert Norieka’s style… loose and dramatic. His colors… intense… in a very good way. I LOVE the color of that little shed and how the buoys really stand out and make a statement. What really makes this painting stand out is how a good part of it is in the shade and the rest in the sun. The part in the sun is so colorful. This is such a fantastic painting done by an artist who can paint watercolor, acrylic and oil (i’m sure there’s more he does, but that’s what we saw the other day at the Sylvan Gallery in Wiscasset, Maine).

If you’re in the Wiscasset area, I urge you to pop in Sylvan Gallery and take a peek! Then run down to TREATS for some… TREATS!  Hee hee…

Here’s a blip about Robert from the Sylvan Gallery (Wiscasset, Maine) website:

Robert is a graduate of Paier School of Art and has been a professional artist for thirty-five years. His passion for art is matched by a natural talent to paint a wide variety of subjects, highlighted by expressive coastal scenes, intimate woodland pictorials and seasonal treks through the countryside. He has been inspired by the many pleasurable memories of his boyhood; which was spent joyfully fishing, and catching turtles and frogs.

A prominent national award winning artist and illustrator, Robert’s paintings hang in both corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. His painting Catfish and Turtles is in the permanent collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art. He is represented in numerous galleries and teaches and lectures throughout New England. He has illustrated magazine editorials and seven books. He is an elected member of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, the Salmagundi Club, the Lyme Art Association, the Connecticut Watercolor Society, the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and he is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society.

So far in 2012 Robert Noreika has already won two significant awards including the Robert Sanstrom Prize – $5,000 and GOLD MEDAL, at the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, and the Second Prize Award at the National Open Show of the New England Watercolor Society. Awards in 2011 include a first award in the New England Watercolor Society’s regional show at the Attleboro Museum as well as awards at the Salmagundi Show in NYC and from the New Haven Paint and Clay Club.

Noreika is a featured artist in 100 Artists of New England published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. in 2010.

And through October 29, 2012…

A New Exhibition at Sylvan Gallery 
“Bold Impressions”
The Paintings of Robert Noreika
September 28th – October 29th

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Autumn in Wiscasset, Maine!

I looked back through my photos to find an autumn photo… this one is from 2009 and is a photo driving back from Rockland towards Wiscasset, Maine. Wiscasset is the prettiest little town. It has so much to offer, galleries, restaurants, antique stores, all kinds of good stuff!

You may have heard of Red’s Eats also located in Wiscasset, supposedly they have good lobster rolls. They must have something good, there is always a line! Enjoy your first day of Autumn, I am THRILLED that summer is behind us. Winter in Charleston, SC is pretty darn nice and I’m thrilled it’ll be here in another 3 or 4 months, ha ha… Enjoy your fall!

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Red’s Eats, Wiscasset, Maine… a great “lobstah” roll!

There is always a line at Red’s Eats. Voted one of the “10 great places to eat regionally, eat well” by USA Today, people are WILD about Red’s lobster rolls… Have you tried a lobster roll before? If so, where is YOUR favorite place to stop? The location of Red’s doesn’t hurt… nestled nicely in Wiscasset, Maine (known as the Prettiest Little Village in Maine). Wiscasset is a wonderful city filled with great art galleries, restaurants, wine and cheese shop (with desserts, sandwiches and soups as well), and antiques! If you find yourself anywhere near Wiscasset, take a ride through, see the wonderful shops, and perhaps stop for a lobster roll!

Click HERE to see how to make the perfect lobster roll… just like Red’s Eats!

Here’s an interesting tidbit about Wiscasset, Maine from the Budget Travel website:

“Prettiest Little Village in Maine”

Wiscasset is a quaint Historic Village on Route One with several Historic homes and buildings from the early 1800’s.  Beautiful waterfront dock on the deepest river in Maine, The Sheepscot River.  It used to be the largest shipping port North of Boston.  Thousands of tourists visit each year to drive up the coast on Route One and walk to the several fabulous Antique Shops and Art Galleries in Wiscasset and neighboring towns. The famous “Reds Eats” voted top 10 places to eat in USA Today,  is on the corner of Water St. and Rt. 1 known for their lobster rolls. People line the streets all summer long to experience this lobster shack.  Boothbay Harbor  and Damariscotta are also wonderful popular spots North of town and not too far off of Route One.  If you continue North on Route 1 to Rockland, ME, home of the popular Atlantic Blues Festival and Lobster Fest each summer.  Plenty to do in this lovely area of Maine not to mention the perfect summer weather from June to September and fabulous leaf peeping in October. 

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Artist to watch… Guy Corriero!

Image: WiscassetBayGallery.com

Artist to watch… Guy Corriero! This painting, ROUGE WAVE, is out of this world! The colors of the water are spot on, the movement is fantastic, you can feel it, you can even smell the salt in the air. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but I swear I can even HEAR these waves crashing. What caught my eye on this particular painting was how the light hit the waves and how part of the painting is in shadow. So interesting!  I ran across Guy Corriero’s paintings at Wiscasset Bay Gallery, one of my favorite galleries! Keith Oehmig has such a wonderful selection of art, surely everyone could walk out with something to treasure forever! If you get a chance check out Wiscasset Bay Gallery (www.wiscassetbaygallery.com) and check out Guy’s work!

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