Featured Artist… John Cook!

“Shetland Team” by John Cook

I saw someone comment on one of John Cook’s paintings on Facebook… and I had to check him out! Wonderful work! I like the way that he applies the paint to his canvas. It has such texture, which is quite nice in a painting that has a lot of texture to it! Those deep shadows and the light on the mane… very nice!

“Juxtapo Chicken” by John Cook

How is this for different and interesting? Nice use of color to catch your eye… and the composition… nothing like a birds eye view, eh? Unusual and fabulous! I have the feeling of being in another country looking out over the city… I guess with the chicken in the window? Ha ha… Check out John’s website as well as the different galleries that he’s in. Very nice!

Read a blip about John from the Whistle Pik Gallery website:

Lewisville, TX – Action and energy permeate the canvases of John Cook. There is a spontaneous nature to his paintings that conveys his need to quickly achieve the essence of light as it dances, pierces, careens and bounces to find its way throughout the subject. By drawing with brush rather than pencil, Cook achieves the loose and free style that characterizes his work. Never belabored, each painting reflects his passion to catch a mood with the interplay of light and shade. 

John was born in Dallas, Texas and attended school at the University of Texas at Arlington and the Art Center School in Los Angeles, where he received a Bachelor of Professional 
Arts Degree. He married his loving and supportive wife, Jean, in 1970 and has two children. John is also a proud “Papa” of three grandchildren. A deeply spiritual and devoted family man, Cook insists, “Painting is not the most important thing, but I consider the ability to pursue painting for a living truly 
a special gift and blessing from God. I regard Jesus, God’s Son, the most important being in my life!”

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Images: WhistlePik.com

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