Featured Artist (and a big congratulations) to MARC HANSON!

“Right or Left?” by Marc Hanson (Image: MarcHansonArt.com)

A BIG congratulations to Marc Hanson for having his painting grace the cover of the November 2012 issue of Southwest Art magazine! It’s no easy task to land the coveted cover spot of a well known magazine, and lets just say, it is so well deserved. I follow a lot of artists, and I have to say when you mention Marc Hanson’s name, other artists are quick to compliment. Everyone loves this guy. Great guy… great painting… jeez! “Right or Left?” was awarded the Bronze Medal at the OPA (Oil Painters of America) National Exhibition in Coeur de Alene, ID in 2011.

“Right or Left”? Great title. I love creative titles and this is a good one! Where to start? This painting is amazing on so many levels and on each level it blends perfectly to make one snazzy painting! Obviously, that ball of fire where the sunlight is hitting the trees in the distance is nothing short of MIRACULOUS! The deep shadows with a few *poofs* of light peeking through, that gorgeous light in the distance, the FABULOUS color of the sky and all the little details orchestrated so perfectly. Congratulations Marc!

What a great article by Southwest Art! You can read all about Marc in this article written by Rosemary Carstens:

For Landscape Painter Marc Hanson, Art Is Everywhere His Travels Take Him

Fabulous article, wasn’t it?!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist (and a big congratulations) to MARC HANSON!

  1. Barbara, it’s nothing short of the truth to say that I feel like a very lucky man! I love what I do, the people I meet and, of course, am so honored and proud to have this article in Southwest Art and to be featured on the cover. I’m also extremely grateful to you for adding me to your wonderful blog again. Thank you very much… Marc


    1. It’s wonderful to truly love what you do AND to be so good at it! I enjoy each and every painting I see of yours! It’s hard to not feature you every single week! Wishing you much success, B


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