WORKSHOP ALERT: Marc Hanson – Akron, OH!


Marc Hanson. One of the most dedicated painters I’ve ever followed… I’ve never met Marc, but have followed his art adventures and they are amazing. You can learn so much from someone who truly loves to paint. I have a few friends like that… Tim, Ken, Elizabeth and Eric (Eric I have not yet met, but I feel like I know him, weird how FB can do that, huh?)  ha ha…

Check out Marc’s blog for more info… here is a blip:

This workshop will be five days of painting outside in the landscape, for intermediate and advanced painters , working in oils, pastels or acrylics. I work in all three of those mediums on location and in the studio, and am happy to see artists in my workshops with any of the three.

Sounds like a fabulous workshop, doesn’t it??

During the month of February, Marc (who lives in CO) set out to paint (plein air) four paintings a day, each and every day. The paintings were out of this world… and so was the weather a good majority of the time. How Marc had the stamina to paint all day, and then come home and write about it, I will never know, but it sure made February fun for us. We anxiously awaited the paintings and the details. Snow storms, freezing temps… the creative things he came up with to deal with a situation uniquely. Kind of like MacGuyver… remember that show from way back when?

It’s all documented on Marc’s blog, which is wonderful! He painted 4 paintings a day for 28 days, then mounted them on foam core, added nice neat titles and hung them (all 112 of them) for a show. Not long afterwards he mailed them out. Not many remain. If you’re lucky there will be one to snap up… these aren’t his normal prices, so you’ll see that this is quite the deal! Click here to see the paintings…

We were lucky… This is ours! It is gorgeous, dramatic, serene, peaceful and stunning… it makes us smile!

Slate Light by Marc Hanson
Slate Light by Marc Hanson (image)

If you’re in Charleston, SC be sure to stop by Horton Hayes Fine Art to see a few pieces (not in this February collection) of his work… stunning!

Interested in this workshop by Marc?? Details below… (via Check out more of Marc’s work on his website!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 2.01.07 PM

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F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:              Azaleas in Spring!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:          YAY! The Farmers Market is back!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:     An artist we all miss… Darrell Hill

Marc Hanson – A Leap into February… watch the trailer!

Marc Hanson
A Leap Into February trailer by Marc Hanson (iMovie)

(Small screenshot of the video via

Marc Hanson. Amazing artist. Brilliant in everything that he does. Remarkably versatile, the man can do anything. Now add to his current oil painting, gouache, pastel…. MOVIE MAKING! What? Yep. I think this is so creative it makes me want to create a trailer for SOMETHING… Marc did this in a light hearted way, for those of you who know Marc, or follow him on Facebook you will even notice his beloved Milk Duds get a cameo roll in this trailer about his upcoming painting marathon “A leap into February”!

You must watch… it’s brilliant!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TRAILER – Turn your volume on!

Was I right? I cannot wait to follow along and see what Marc paints – 4 PAINTINGS A DAY for 28 DAYS! (Whoa!) – Follow along by reading Marc’s blog “Painting My Way Through Life“. This should make for quite a fun February, don’t you think??

I am so excited to watch the progression of his daily efforts! Four paintings a day?!! Click HERE for Marc’s blog post from 1/27/14 which explains his venture more in detail, including his color palette, etc…

Just a tease… this is one of Marc’s recent pastels… 6×6 (copyright: Marc R. Hanson) – check out Marc’s website, blog and Facebook page for more!

Marc Hanson
Complimentary Tree by Marc R. Hanson

F L A S H B A C K     

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:             2013 HGTV Dream Home!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:         Life Saver at Shem Creek!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:   Artist to watch… Robert Joyner!

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Horton Hayes Fine Art – THE WATER SHOW- TONIGHT!

The November art walk is always an exciting time in Charleston, SC. This month at Horton Hayes Fine Art is a group show entitled WATER. I have seen some of the work, and let me tell you… if you are anywhere near Charleston, SC you’re going to want to be there! Fabulous artists… the talent in this one gallery is beyond belief…  Some details from Horton Hayes Fine Art:
November 1st to 22nd. Opening Reception tonight (Friday, November 1, 2013) from 5-8PM.
Works by Adele Earnshaw, Joe Garcia, Chris Groves, Marc Hanson,
Nancy Hoerter, Mark Kelvin Horton, Larry Moore, Elizabeth Pollie, Shannon Runquist & Francis Sills
Just to give you an idea of what you’re in for… (Click on the artists name to view other available paintings):
Cold and Clear by Adele Earnshaw
Cold and Clear by Adele Earnshaw
Waiting for Dinner by Joe Garcia
Waiting for Dinner by Joe Garcia
First Light by Chris Groves
First Light by Chris Groves
Cooling by Marc Hanson
Cooling by Marc Hanson
Transparent by Nancy Hoerter
Transparent by Nancy Hoerter
Rocky Shore by Mark Kelvin Horton
Rocky Shore by Mark Kelvin Horton
Sundowners by Larry Moore
Sundowners by Larry Moore
Stones' Throw by Elizabeth Pollie
Stones’ Throw by Elizabeth Pollie
Completely Crewless by Shannon Runquist
Completely Crewless by Shannon Runquist
After the Rain (Shem Creek) by Francis Sills
After the Rain (Shem Creek) by Francis Sills
Be sure to check out the local galleries in Charleston, SC – like I said, this is a big weekend… truly one not to miss…
Tomorrow (11/02/13) don’t miss artists painting in Washington Park! Watch plein air painting at its finest from 9AM to Noon… Mark Kelvin Horton, Chris Groves, Joe Garcia and Francis Sills from Horton Hayes Fine Art will be participating!
Here are a few details from CFADA’s website:
Bids can be placed at the respective galleries for the paintings created in the park (as well as some donated paintings) raising funds for art supplies for the participating high school art departments.  The works will be viewable online early week following the event and in the galleries representing the artists.
This sealed bid auction runs through December 15, 2013 – big fun and a great cause!
See you there!
Images: and Elizabeth Pollie

O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Featured Artist… Mark Dalessio!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… A nice bowl of comfort food – Cooking Lights Baked Potato Soup! 

Catch you back here tomorrow!


Door County Plein Air Event – 7/21/13 – 7/27/13 – whoa!


The plein air event in Door County (Wisconsin) is an quite the opportunity to meet some amazing artists and see some incredible work that they put out over the next week. Here are a few of the artists who are participating this year (I hesitate to do this because they are all so darn good, but here is a glimpse at what you could be missing…) Frank Gardner, Anne Blair Brown, Marc Hanson, Larry Moore, James Richards, Jason Sacran, Dawn Whitelaw, and… and… and… check out the list, it also gives a link to their websites!

The Door County website is masterfully organized… they even have a link that shows the Day By Day Event Schedule as well as Artist Locations By Day which is invaluable if you’re visiting and want to catch a glimpse of them painting!

Door County Plein Air Festival has such an impressive list of artists it boggles the mind!

Last year Marc Hanson won Best in Show & Artists Choice Award for the painting “Monday Morning”. Breathtaking!

"Monday Morning" by Marc Hanson [Image]
“Monday Morning” by Marc Hanson [Image]
“Monday Morning” was painted at the 2012 Door County Plein Air Festival in Fish Creek, WI. It’s a beauty!

I’ve seen some of the paintings that have been completed so far this week and they are amazing…  This event is high on my list.

This would make one fabulous vacation!!  Check out their website, I think you’ll agree… and if you’re ANYWHERE close by I would BE THERE!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Chad Smith!

ChadSmith MaroonStreetPoppies CS

Maroon Street Poppies by Chad Smith

Oh, I am loving these pops of orange against the green… fabulous! I ran across Chad’s work on Facebook and was loving every single piece… I was having a horrific time trying to find one image that I really loved on his website because each and every one is just so wonderful! On Chad’s website, when you click on  PORTFOLIO you’ll have some options. Maroon Street Poppies is located under FIELD WORK TEST. If I ever complete a painting that is close to being as fabulous as this is you will hear me yodel from a mountaintop somewhere. Ha ha… not kidding! I love light in a painting and this is just so perfect… Check out his work, I’m sure you will love it as much as I do!

I really like it when artists share who they’ve studied with. Kenn Backhaus and Marc Hanson… whoa! I love their work! They’ve both “got the eye”… and they can transform a canvas into what they see which is breathtaking and ALWAYS a treat! Oh, and you can’t forget about Mother Nature…! Painting plein air is challenging to say the least. You have got to be organized and pretty quick at what you do… no time to dilly dally when the sun moves at such a fast pace (which you would never realize unless you’re trying to paint and the shadow that was once there is now quickly gone)!

Here’s a blip about Chad from his website:

Chad Smith’s (b.1970) most influential instruction came through private full-time atelier study with Douglas Flynt via Jacob Collins and the Water Street Atelier. Smith has studied plein air and studio landscape painting with Kenn Backhaus and Marc Hanson. Smith previously studied classical academic drawing and painting concepts with Frank Covino, Don Maitz and David Meo. Smith has also studied figure and animal drawing with famed Disney animator and teacher Glenn Vilppu and Joe Weatherly. He graduated with a BA in Drawing and Painting from the State University of New York and is presently finishing graduate MFA work at the Academy of Art University.

In addition to gallery work, commissioned studio work, and plein air events, Smith now spends his time with the greatest teacher of all outdoors painting from life “en plein air.”

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Look at this incredible light on the horizon! It looks like a painting by…


Gorgeous, right? I saw this and flipped… CAMERA! WHERE. IS. MY. CAMERA?!!! This is the sun setting from behind the house which throws the most gorgeous warm light on the island across the river. STUNNING golden light that makes everything look absolutely spectacular! Look at the brilliance of those trees in the foreground! As soon as I saw this I thought… MARC HANSON! A fabulously talented artist from Colorado. His paintings mesmerize me. I cannot believe how he can turn out one after another and each is as awesome as the next. These trees are MARC HANSON TREE’S! I swear they are! Check out his work if you get a chance, I have no doubt you’ll agree with me! Nice guy, and he has so much talent!

Here’s an example of one of his paintings, this one graced the cover of Southwest Art magazine, see what I mean with the trees?

MarcHanson RightOrLeft MH

“Right or Left?” by Marc Hanson

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist (and a big congratulations) to MARC HANSON!

“Right or Left?” by Marc Hanson (Image:

A BIG congratulations to Marc Hanson for having his painting grace the cover of the November 2012 issue of Southwest Art magazine! It’s no easy task to land the coveted cover spot of a well known magazine, and lets just say, it is so well deserved. I follow a lot of artists, and I have to say when you mention Marc Hanson’s name, other artists are quick to compliment. Everyone loves this guy. Great guy… great painting… jeez! “Right or Left?” was awarded the Bronze Medal at the OPA (Oil Painters of America) National Exhibition in Coeur de Alene, ID in 2011.

“Right or Left”? Great title. I love creative titles and this is a good one! Where to start? This painting is amazing on so many levels and on each level it blends perfectly to make one snazzy painting! Obviously, that ball of fire where the sunlight is hitting the trees in the distance is nothing short of MIRACULOUS! The deep shadows with a few *poofs* of light peeking through, that gorgeous light in the distance, the FABULOUS color of the sky and all the little details orchestrated so perfectly. Congratulations Marc!

What a great article by Southwest Art! You can read all about Marc in this article written by Rosemary Carstens:

For Landscape Painter Marc Hanson, Art Is Everywhere His Travels Take Him

Fabulous article, wasn’t it?!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Marc Hanson!

“Dusk” by Marc Hanson

Facebook is a great thing for many reasons… one reason I enjoy it so much is that I can see when artists post new work or comment on another artist that I may not have heard of which opens up new doors big time! Marc Hanson is an amazingly talented artist, and when he posted this image on Facebook, he got a lot of feedback… all positive… when I say a lot, I mean A LOT… over 500 so far (between likes, shares and comments). Without a doubt I would say it’s a hit.

Those clouds. AMAZING. I love the light peaking through near the top, and that warm light deep under the clouds off to the left… and the orange light on the horizon line. BRILLIANT. It seems tumultious yet inviting and even serene to me. I was trying to think of a way to eloquently put into words what I felt about this painting… drama, peacefulness, calm but almost stormy, yet the marsh is so relaxing at the same time. It’s nice when a painting makes you stop and say WHOA!

Then one note… I have to say painting PLEIN AIR IS NO EASY TASK. If you’re not used to it it presents challenges that will give you brain freeze, oh… is that just me? Hmmm. Yet, there are so many of you artists out there that are so darn good at it. I know, practice. (Thanks Ken, hee). For now I will practice and APPRECIATE what the rest of you do!!

Here’s a blip about Marc from his website:

Marc Hanson – About the Artist

A viewer of my paintings wrote to me recently and had this to say, “Your  landscapes are so evocative, for me so emotional. You have a gift for portraying more  than realism in your landscapes-not something fantastical, but something  simultaneously approachable and not. Not everyone will do what you do, but so many of  us are deluded or ambitious enough to aspire to.”  This very generous and kind  statement describes exactly how I would hope that my art is received by those who view  it.  I try to live up to this ideal with each painting.     One of the reasons that I’m a visual artist is that it has always been more  effective for me to share my excitement about the natural world through visual means,  painting or drawing, than it has been through writing or speaking about it.  My love of  the land, the Midwest in particular, and my desire to communicate that deep seeded  love is what drives my work.  Painting is the vehicle for my expression of that love.  My  purpose is not to replicate the specific or dwell on the spectacular, as much as it is to  observe the specific and to discover the beauty in the seemingly unspectacular.  My  goal is to paint a sense of place and what that means to me as an artist.     Typically my work is painted on location during all seasons of the year.  The  paintings created on location are painted on a smaller scale in oils.  The smaller scale of  these paintings allows me to capture those fleeting moods, and quickly changing light or  weather effects.  I’ve painted this way, en plein air, for many years now, and have  completed many, many hundreds of these studies.  Most of these small paintings are  painted either on linen or primed board and are completed in one to one and half hours.  The studies represent my immediate reaction to the subject matter and are a record of  that short period in time. Just as importantly, they build an enormous library of visually  recallable information that is indispensable to me in the studio.  When working on larger paintings in  the studio, studies and the memory of the time and place are  invaluable to me and form the basis for much of my studio work.  My most recent work has been to create large landscape paintings, as large in  scale as those painted in the studio, entirely on location.  Some of these paintings are  completed in one session, others are completed over a longer period of time lasting  several sessions.  The challenge that working from life in this way presents is  overridden by the benefit to my understanding of light and color on the landscape, and  the authenticity that it brings to my paintings.  I foresee my art continuing to move in this  direction, major works mostly completed on site.

 Mark is in several galleries, click HERE to see the list… One is the RS Hanna Gallery, which is high on my list to visit one day! Lots of great artists in one location (Frank Gardner, Gene Costanza…) Catch you back here tomorrow!

To contact Marc about this piece, you can email him at