Featured Artist… Marc Dalessio!

“Street in Korcula” by Marc Dalessio – Image: Ann Long

First, I want to mention the obvious. The look of my site has changed a wee bit. I think I have made it cleaner and easier to read. You aren’t on the wrong site, it’s me… I’ve just changed things a bit, let me know how you like (or don’t like) what you see! Personally, I love the orange vs. the red… but that’s me! My goal was to make it clear so you can see all that’s going on! Ok, enough admin stuff… on to the post!

Marc Dalessio is quite the artist AND quite the traveler. His website is so interesting, he shows his paintings, gives tips, talks about upcoming workshops (Swiss Alps!), check it out! He’s got lots of cool tips (i.e. what he does with his brushes when done painting). Definitely interesting whether you’re an artist or not! I was reading about where he lives between Florence, Italy (oh!!) and Zagreb, Croatia and travels quite a bit of the time to places all over the world, then I saw he was having a show at the Ann Long Fine Art Gallery (Charleston, SC) for the month of November 2012! So… if you’re in the area, you know where to go to see his work in person! From Ann Long Fine Art:

What’s so fascinating is that for each group of paintings you can see a clear difference in the color palette. For example, Italy the colors were much warmer. Marc has a clean painting style, I don’t know how to explain it… like his brush never gets dirty or mixed with a color he doesn’t want it to get mixed with. Hmmm, must be nice, ha ha…

Here’s a blip about Marc from the Ann Long Fine Art Gallery:

Marc Dalessio, born in 1972 in Los Angeles, California, is a naturalistic painter who at a young age has established himself as one of the foremost plein-air painters working today. 

Marc’s artistic training began at the University of California at Santa Cruz where he majored in biology and fine art. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa in 1992, he moved to Florence, Italy and trained as a portraitist for four years under Charles Cecil at his atelier. Charles H. Cecil Studios is a school of fine art that offers a thorough training in the traditional techniques of naturalistic drawing and painting. Upon completion of his first year, Marc was awarded a full scholarship, and after finishing the full course, he became an advanced painting instructor at the school. 

Articles Featuring Marc Dalessio
American Artist, 12/09 (pdf)

Currently the landscape painting instructor at the Florence Academy of Art, Marc keeps a studio in Florence, Italy but travels for much of the year. Recent painting expeditions have included Greece and Albania, Morocco, Rajasthan, Sicily, Kenya, and the Caribbean. His works are in private collections worldwide.

Did you check out the article that was in American Artist? Very good! – Catch you back here tomorrow!

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