WORKSHOP ALERT: Marc Hanson – Akron, OH!


Marc Hanson. One of the most dedicated painters I’ve ever followed… I’ve never met Marc, but have followed his art adventures and they are amazing. You can learn so much from someone who truly loves to paint. I have a few friends like that… Tim, Ken, Elizabeth and Eric (Eric I have not yet met, but I feel like I know him, weird how FB can do that, huh?)  ha ha…

Check out Marc’s blog for more info… here is a blip:

This workshop will be five days of painting outside in the landscape, for intermediate and advanced painters , working in oils, pastels or acrylics. I work in all three of those mediums on location and in the studio, and am happy to see artists in my workshops with any of the three.

Sounds like a fabulous workshop, doesn’t it??

During the month of February, Marc (who lives in CO) set out to paint (plein air) four paintings a day, each and every day. The paintings were out of this world… and so was the weather a good majority of the time. How Marc had the stamina to paint all day, and then come home and write about it, I will never know, but it sure made February fun for us. We anxiously awaited the paintings and the details. Snow storms, freezing temps… the creative things he came up with to deal with a situation uniquely. Kind of like MacGuyver… remember that show from way back when?

It’s all documented on Marc’s blog, which is wonderful! He painted 4 paintings a day for 28 days, then mounted them on foam core, added nice neat titles and hung them (all 112 of them) for a show. Not long afterwards he mailed them out. Not many remain. If you’re lucky there will be one to snap up… these aren’t his normal prices, so you’ll see that this is quite the deal! Click here to see the paintings…

We were lucky… This is ours! It is gorgeous, dramatic, serene, peaceful and stunning… it makes us smile!

Slate Light by Marc Hanson
Slate Light by Marc Hanson (image)

If you’re in Charleston, SC be sure to stop by Horton Hayes Fine Art to see a few pieces (not in this February collection) of his work… stunning!

Interested in this workshop by Marc?? Details below… (via Check out more of Marc’s work on his website!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 2.01.07 PM

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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