Door County Plein Air Event – 7/21/13 – 7/27/13 – whoa!


The plein air event in Door County (Wisconsin) is an quite the opportunity to meet some amazing artists and see some incredible work that they put out over the next week. Here are a few of the artists who are participating this year (I hesitate to do this because they are all so darn good, but here is a glimpse at what you could be missing…) Frank Gardner, Anne Blair Brown, Marc Hanson, Larry Moore, James Richards, Jason Sacran, Dawn Whitelaw, and… and… and… check out the list, it also gives a link to their websites!

The Door County website is masterfully organized… they even have a link that shows the Day By Day Event Schedule as well as Artist Locations By Day which is invaluable if you’re visiting and want to catch a glimpse of them painting!

Door County Plein Air Festival has such an impressive list of artists it boggles the mind!

Last year Marc Hanson won Best in Show & Artists Choice Award for the painting “Monday Morning”. Breathtaking!

"Monday Morning" by Marc Hanson [Image]
“Monday Morning” by Marc Hanson [Image]
“Monday Morning” was painted at the 2012 Door County Plein Air Festival in Fish Creek, WI. It’s a beauty!

I’ve seen some of the paintings that have been completed so far this week and they are amazing…  This event is high on my list.

This would make one fabulous vacation!!  Check out their website, I think you’ll agree… and if you’re ANYWHERE close by I would BE THERE!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Door County Plein Air Event – 7/21/13 – 7/27/13 – whoa!

  1. Barbara, Lovely post! I was born in Door County and vacation there almost every summer or early fall. Our grandkids love it there. Usually we stay on Washington Island, on the tip of the county, because it is more reminiscent of the County when I was a kid. Then the tourists were primarily from Illinois and Wiisconsin. Now it is densely populated with condos and people from all over the country so we elect to bypass the more popular little towns and stay on the Island. There are wonderful music tests there, too. The lake side of the peninsula is less crowded; if you go, rent on Bailey’s Harbor. It’s a fun little town!!


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