Chicken Coops & How To Raise Chickens – THE Hot Thing…

BriarExtendedChickenCoop WmSonoma

Briar Extended Chicken Coop and Run / Image: Williams-Sonoma

Who knew that raising chickens would be the hot new thing? Well, it is. First you need to check to see if it’s OK to raise chickens where you live. If it is… they say before the chicken OR the egg is the COOP! You know raising chickens is the hot trend if Williams-Sonoma is now selling the coops! These are sweet. I would love this green one. Throw a chicken in it and it’s a deal breaker… the fear of having my hand pecked for reaching in to steal an egg is more than I would bargain for… (do you know a healthy chicken will lay one egg a day?) – I think I found us a retirement job! Fred wants chickens. I don’t… BUT, I want Fred to be happy 😉 so we can get a cool coop, he can have his chickens (away from the house) and I will put them in pretty cartons and sell them!

WmSonomaChickenCoop2 ws

This one is cool for whoever has to be the one to go get the eggs… you don’t even have to bend down!

And even Moser Design Group (who comes up with many of those awesome house plans I feature) has a chicken coop. HOT I’m telling ya!

ChickenCoop at CarltonLanding MoserDesignGroup MDGfb

{Image: from Moser Design Group Facebook, who received their image from Carlton Landing folks from Eufaula, OK}

I found a cool bit of info from Williams-Sonoma: Learn more about coops, chickens and the benefits of farm-fresh eggs!

Whew, I’m glad we found something to do when we retire. I’m pumped! Lots to think about, hee hee… Gotta run, I have big plans to make!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Chicken Coops & How To Raise Chickens – THE Hot Thing…

  1. Sheila

    I can’t wait to show this blog to your mother. She will be traumatized to see how far astray her daughter has become. Really, raising chickens? Ha ha love it!!!!

    Love Bobo


    1. But it’s a cute coop isn’t it (minus the chickens!), ha ha… that’s why I said OK, AWAY from the house! They can’t get out and run around and peck at your ankles in a coop, ha ha… Too funny… there are some f-a-n-c-y coops out there, cha-ching!!


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