Grab a few Beers at the show – Gleason Fine Art! June 20-27, 2013!

Kevin Beers Burtons Cottage GFA

Burton’s Cottage by Kevin Beers

Kevin Beers. Master of painting all things Monhegan. Kevin’s paintings truly make you feel as if you are walking down the road on the island you have grown to love. Every detail is present.

It was always fun watching Kevin walking down the road with his biggee size canvas, setting up to start back where he left off the day before. Exact same time and place, so that the lighting is the same. As you’ll read below, Kevin met his wife (and fellow artist) Amy on Monhegan and they married there a few years later. Very cool story!

Kevin is probably most known for his Monhegan lighthouse scenes, which are incredible, but here is another favorite, and one that will instantly resonate with you if you’ve ever been to Monhegan!

Kevin Beers Wharf with Trucks GFA

Wharf with Trucks by Kevin Beers

When you arrive on the island, the boat drops you at the wharf. There you’ll see the trucks waiting to take your bags to various hotels or homes. There’s always a lot of action down on the wharf and its a great place to hang out, just stay out of the way!

Here’s are the details about Kevin’s show from Gleason Fine Art gallery:

JUNE 20 – JULY 27, 2013 in Boothbay Harbor

KEVIN BEERS:  Monhegan Island
Oils of Monhegan Island

Reception:  Friday, July 5, 2013, 5-7 PM

Artist Talk:  Kevin Beers, Thursday, July 11, 4-5:30

I found some information about the show in the Wiscasset Newspaper:

Beginning Thursday, June 20, landscape painter Kevin Beers joins ceramicist Tim Christensen for two new shows at Gleason Fine Art’s Boothbay Harbor gallery. For Beers, this will be his 12th solo show at the Gleason gallery, and for Christensen, his second solo show in Boothbay Harbor. A public reception for both artists will be held at the Townsend Avenue gallery from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, July 5.

Each summer, Brooklyn resident Kevin Beers returns to the rock-bound island of Monhegan to paint for five months. Monhegan has come to mean a lot to Beers. It is where Beers transformed a passion for painting into his life’s work. It is also where Beers met his wife, Amy Raye, who, in a scene right out of a Hepburn and Tracy romantic comedy, literally ran into Beers while admiring a magazine article about Beers painting on Monhegan. Fittingly, Beers and Raye married on their island a couple summers after their serendipitous meeting.

To his many collectors, a Beers painting represents everything they love about Maine: intense blue seas and skies, puffy white clouds and sunlight dancing off neat clapboard houses. To Beers himself, “Monhegan is a dazzling place with incredible, beautiful light. I love to paint the buildings on the island – the color and structure of weathered buildings, the patterns of sunlight and shadow, and the sharp contrast between a red roof, white clapboards, and bright blue sky.” [Read more HERE]

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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