[featured product]: everyone needs this! makes a great gift as well!

[featured product] is something that I really like… in this case its something that is so useful, cuts down on foil and plastic in landfills and is a treat to the eye… whatever could it be??

CharlesViancin silicone lids

One of the gifts I received for my birthday from my mom and dad were a few of these Charles Viancin silicon lids. I was thrilled! They know I LOVE THIS STUFF! I’ve had my eye on silicone lids for a while, but haven’t bought any… Why am I so excited about silicone lids you wonder? NO PLASTIC WRAP (can you imagine?) or FOIL to cover bowls with! Sweet! Everyone loves dealing with plastic wrap, right? Ugh. And foil… the price keeps going up like crazy (what’s up with that??)…

As you can see these silicone lids are good for many reasons, they’re BPA free, the may you eco friendly but reducing waste, they seal tightly, I tried it on a cereal bowl (the small size, 6″), I just set it on top, and I could pick the bowl up by the center stem that sticks up…. the suction is unbelievable. To get it off, set it down, and lift it off… comes off easier than you can imagine.  The lid creates an airtight/waterproof seal keeping your food fresh! You can even use it while cooking to retain steam… you can use it in the dishwasher and the microwave!

CharlesViancin rectangle

As you can see they make all sizes, even small lids for glasses, stoppers for wine bottles (how cool is that?), cutting boards, etc. All different flower patterns, and I saw on their Facebook page that they have a snowflake design coming out soon for the holidays! Check out their STORE LOCATOR to see where you can purchase them near you… if there isn’t a place, you can find them on Amazon.com!


I love smart things! Catch you back here tomorrow!


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All images via Charles Viancin

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