Tropical Storm Relief in Mexico… YOU can help! A big thank you to Frank Gardner and friends…


I swear, some artist’s have the hugest hearts… with all the devastation that has pummeled Mexico, your help is needed! Frank Gardner has started a fundraiser selling his paintings at super prices. Once some of his fellow artists found out about this adventure, they shared their paintings as well… These paintings are sold on a first come first serve basis… and they are stunning… check it out!  They are going quickly, so if you check and there are none left, but you would like to help out anyway… I’m sure that can be arranged! If there is any way that you can donate any amount, it would be more than appreciated. Frank is easy to get in contact with… Just email him…

Here’s the latest from Frank 9/24/13 PM:

We are at $2,200. dollars so far in less than one day! Added new pieces today by Peter Kalill, Dennis Poirier, Colin Page and me. More coming soon. If anyone wants to donate or purchase please contact me.

Details below… Click on the MY PAINT BOX BLOG link if you’re short on time…

My Paint Box blog 

Below is information from a newsletter from Frank… what a great group of artists!

I hope you are all well.
This newsletter is to let you all know that for the next week or so, I am going to be using the My Paint Box blog to set up a fundraising campaign. We are raising money to help people affected by the tropical storms that battered the Mexican coasts last week. The one-two punch of Manuel’s first landfall on Sunday and Tropical Storm Ingrid’s lashing of México’s east coast on Monday. (Ingrid was a hurricane offshore, but made landfall as a tropical storm.) Manuel became a hurricane before heading back to shore for a second hit on México’s upper west coast.
So far, at least 80 people have been killed in Mexico from the storms, not including the 58 people missing from a landslide in La Pintada, located a few hours north of Acapulco.As you probably know, my family and I live in Central México. While were wedged between the two storms and got a lot of rain last week, we were spared the brunt of these storms. As we began see reports from the affected areas we began to think of a way that we could help, beyond just taking a few canned goods down to be donated, we want to try and help in a bigger way. I can’t imagine losing everything and or losing friends and family members in a disaster like this.I decided to make the small gesture of putting a few of my paintings up for sale at specially reduced prices to raise some money for relief. Then take that money and buy necessities and non perishable goods to donate to the Mexican Red Cross. Both my niece and nephew are volunteers with the Mexican Red Cross here in San Miguel and the Red Cross has the best infrastructure for getting donations where they need to be.Before I could even get some pictures taken and get it on line friends began contacting me wanting to help out. This project continues to grow with the more than generous support from people who want to help. Please keep checking back, because we will continue to add more donations that are available.On my blog are images of donated artwork and other items. Many of these items can be seen at Galeria Gardner, Zacateros 75 in San Miguel de Allende. Some things that have been donated by friends will be shipped by them directly to the buyer. We think trying to auction these items will get too confusing and time consuming for everyone. After much thought we decided to go with the “Buy it Now” system of a set price, first person to make the offer to buy it gets it. Below each item I will put the Title, Artist’s name and information, Special Fundraiser Price, Shipping cost if applicable, and any other pertinent information.Because these are also available “off line” we are not using a “Buy it Now” button to avoid selling a piece twice. If you are interested in purchasing anything listed below you must email me at with the name of the item and your desire to purchase. Please do not try to purchase in the comments section of this blog. We can’t check email constantly, but the first email in my box for each item, or person that buys in person at Galeria Gardner, will get it. We can accept payment with PayPal on line, or cash and checks in person at the gallery. If buying on line, I will contact you to confirm your purchase. and send a PayPal payment request.Remember to keep checking back for more items. We will be adding more soon.
Please help out in any way you can. Every little bit helps.
Thank You.

If you have not seen the damage from these storms you can see images here:

or here:

Catch you back here tomorrow!


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…     French Enamel House Numbers… Sharp!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Owls Head General Store… what a find, the best hamburger ever!


2 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Relief in Mexico… YOU can help! A big thank you to Frank Gardner and friends…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Barbara! As you know, it is just a project I am trying to get going by myself and can use all the help I can get to spread the word. There has been a great response so far by people wanting to help out.


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